Monday, September 12, 2016

2 very good defenses smacked the QBs good.

    I would be surprised if either Tannehill  or Wilson are moving around well today.  For the very first time in Tannehill's career, I was sincerely worried about him.  He was smacked as hard as I've ever seen.  He looked beatup by the end of the game.  That was two supior defenses doing battle.  When the Dolphins realize they deserve to win games instead of expect to lose, these types of games will be wins.  That includes the fans.  Start showing some love.  It really helps in the long run.

     By the end of the game, we learned that if Miami doesn't find an answer to the rush, quick slant, something, Tannehill will probably not make it 16 games.   It seems to me that if Ryan knows he has 6 or 7 guys coming, there should be a play to counter.  Coach Gase, please help him out.

    The deep pass missed by number 10 (no names today) was setup up by 5 passes that did not travel 2 yards past the line of scrimmage to start the game.   I understand the setup, but I am not sure that is a good strategy.  We need to throw for first downs on first down.  Let's setup the run a tad more.

    We also learned that our Defense will be good this year.  No rushing attacks, no 400 yard game QBs will be taking advantage of our Defense this year.  It was sublime to watch them work.  Yes, we all needed one more stop, but to their misfortune, they had been on the field almost twice as long as the offense.  The offense must help them out.  And, they must watch the silly penalties that extend stopped drives.

     For all of you that just wanted to see a competitive game.  There you are.  A two point game, 12-10.  Two very good defenses in a battle to the end.  Frankly, Seattle knows they got away with a win they probably didn't deserve, and that does bring some measure of satisfaction.

    However, unlike most of you, I sincerely expected to win.  I thought our offense would score more, and from what I saw, they really should have.  I saw a minimum of 10 points left on the field.  We should have won by a minimum of 2 scores.  If Stills and Cameron would have made some catches, who knows what kind of a rhythm the offense may have gotten into.  Could Tannehill thrown a few passes slightly better, of course, but for a change, let's not blame the QB.  This loss was ours to share.  We made them believe that somehow they were not worthy of winning.  We the fans and the media made it seem like we didnt have the talent and couldn't win, so we convinced our team of the same.  I blame us!

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I was one person that didn't expect them to win. I called it to a tee what I expected to occur, a competitive game with a one possession loss. That's being realistic. Until the Dolphins prove me wrong, I'm going to have realistic expectations. We all believed the hype last year and expected a playoff team. Who is to blame in that instance??


Coaching! Which is not the case this year. We have the coaching as was evident on defense. On Offense, coach was behind early, but got it together late.

And the hype you speak of... I remember the press and fans in Miami never really bought in last year... so not sure that is an apt comparison.

This year, you can see this is a really good team. I expect to win next week. I expect to bust NE in the mouth all game long.


I think we can pop off a win in NE...the patriots looked good...but I thought the Cardinals just looked a little flat on offense early was too late... and their defense didn't step it up until the second half either...I think we will destroy jeneane garrafolo


I still say that Miami will not be successful until they replace Philbin's pathetic o-line personnel. This unit was arguably the worst o-line in the entire league last season, yet the only guy who was released was Fox. Albert is overpaid, injury prone, and not playing as well as he should be, so since Tunsil is a LT I'd move Albert to LG until he's let go after the season ends. Dallas Thomas is STILL on the roster, and will probably go right back to LG as soon as Albert gets injured. Pouncey would be starting but he's injured AGAIN, and IMO Steen is an upgrade. I'd trade Pouncey in a heartbeat; there's no way I'd put him back in the line-up. Bushrod is at least a little better than Turner, and James is really nothing special... definitely not worth his 1st Round Draft status.

My point is that removing Thomas, Pouncey, and Turner from the starting o-line has resulted in an improvement in pass protection. BUT, they still suck at blocking and opening holes for the running game. This is a direct result of the damage that Philbin did by replacing Sparano's tougher (with the exception of Pouncey) linemen with his style of finesse linemen.

IMO, Miami needs a big, strong, tough, nasty, physically dominating o-line to protect their QB and to help out in the running game. Everyone from last season needed to be replaced because they are all weak and get pushed around by tough d-lines; that includes Albert, Thomas, Pouncey, Turner, Fox, James, and another back-up or two that I can't remember their names at the moment. This is the beginning of a new regime, so there are no lofty expectations for this season. Now is the perfect time to build a physically intimidating o-line, but as long as Gase keeps relying on Philbin's Pansies there can be no guarantee that Tannehill will even finish the season.