Tuesday, August 30, 2016

2016 Over/Under Wins for Dolphins set at...

     As a purist football junkie and having watched every play of every preseason game for every team, I think I have a feel for the good teams at least at this point in the process, which admittedly means very little, since things change pretty quickly in the NFL.  Heck last year, Atlanta was 5-0, to start, and finished 8-8.

     So, even though this is a tad ridiculous, let's predict the outcome of every single game this regular season.  A = away, H = home

Seattle (A) - blowout loss.  Actually, I think if offense gets into a groove early, this will be a very close game  (L)

New England (A) - win easily.  Their defense may be a challenge, but their offense is below average with Garoppollo at the helm. (W)

Cleveland (H) - double-digit win.  Nothing on film scares me.  They have a few playmakers, but overall we are the better team in every respect. (W)

Cincinnati  (A) - 7 point loss.  This was the most balanced, best team I saw in the AFC.  Except for Denver'S Defense, this is from top to bottom the most talented team in the AFC.  They look to have a top 5 defense and a top 5 offense.  (L)

Tennessee (H) - 3 point win.   Tennessee looks better than last year.  That entire division, except for the Colts looks better.  This will be a battle.  (W)

Pittsburgh (H) - 10 point win.  By the 6th game in the season, they may come together, except for a few great plays, they kinda sucked.  Their offense looks pretty good, but frankly our front seven is much better and our secondary is about the same.  (W)

Buffalo (H) - 3 point loss.  I sincerely wish I were wrong, but our Defense does not match up well against this offense.  It will probably be a shoot out (close loss) or a blowout (loss).  Their defense is stout.   (L)

New York  Jets (H) - 7 point win.  It should be a low scoring game, but our offense will score more by wearing out their defense.  (W)

San Diego (A) - 7 point win.  The Chargers do not look good to me.  (W)

Los Angeles  (A) - 10 point win.  The Rams are not very good.  Better on defense, but we should be able overcome easily.  (W)

San Francisco  (H) - 10 point win.  Neither is sanfran.  Could be a blowout win.  (W)

Baltimore  (A) - 3 point win.   Usually, I would fear the Ravens, but they look wounded and beat up.  (W)

Arizona  (H) - 4 point loss.  This one is tough, because we actually look better than they do right now, but that team is loaded with talent, similar to Seattle.  (L)

New York Jets (A) - 3 point loss.  Jets will probably get us here. Second best defense to Denver.   Offense will play better by then with all the chances it gets.  (L)

Buffalo  (A) - 10 point loss.  We simply don't matchup.  (L)

New England  (H) - 6 point win.  We do match up.  We sweep NE. (W)

     So, my over/under is 9 wins - which I say "over."  I know for many of you this is too optimistic.    And, I freely admit I am a bona-fide homer, but I saw what I saw...  ESPN and NFL Network are full of it!

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Mad-man, you have every right to be a Homer. I haven't had the time to view much football so I will trust your instincts and ask "does 9-7 get us in?".


Swept by Buffy 2 years in a row??!! I think not!


RC, I hope not. But, Tyrod Taylor is the kind of QB we have trouble with. Our secondary just can't cover for 5 seconds, and that is why we don't match up. If we can out score them, we have a chance.


I think more like splits with Bills & Pats. but otherwise hope season resembles these results. Good luck first year coach Adam Gase .. give us something to build on.


Farley999, I hope you are right. I'd love to beat the Bills. Still believe we sweep NE.


Thanks Carl... my response was deleted. If we have a winning division record, yes 9-7 should be enough. If we split, it is 60-40 at best chance of making it.


I like your energy, MPF!!