Thursday, July 14, 2016

Interested in writing about the Phins?

Its that time of year again.  Training camp opens soon.  And I put out the call to anyone who's interested in writing for this blog.

It doesn't pay well (or at all), but you can have your name in lights and express a point of view about the team.

If you're interested, drop me a line
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I am a fan of the Phins for over 40 years.
Now 53, I was a fan for only 2 yrs, when Kenny Snake Stabler threw that wounded duck in the "Sea of Hands" game. I wept like a baby, was 11 years old. I comment from time to time, and have written articles in the Dolphin Digest. I would be happy to participate in your blog.


Nah, i would rather just be a critic, haha.


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Heh. I can appreciate that!


Edwin - happy to have you. Can you send me an email and I'll send you the details.