Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Shame for Laremy Tunsil

Throughout the entire Mock Draft season, no one, at least those in their right minds, had Ole Miss OT Laremy Tunsil falling below 4 picks let alone all the way down to the Dolphins at pick 13.

In my last Mock Draft posted on Tuesday, I thought the Dolphins could get lucky this year.

We were due!

But never in my right mind did I think it would include getting Tunsil. He never even crossed my mind.

We all know how it happened. Just prior to the draft, Tunsil's twitter account was hacked and a video of him smoking pot was posted.

Some teams removed him completely from their draft boards. 2 other OTs were picked ahead of Tunsil.

When Notre Dame OT Ronnie Stanley went at 6, the first OT to get picked, I thought that Mike Tannenbaum had posted that video of Tunsil.

He was the likely suspect to me. Not Tunsil's step father.

When I saw the video, the Tunsil I see is younger than the Tunsil drafted today so the video is probably quite old.

Regardless, Tunsil is a Dolphin. He will be in Miami.

He walked on the stage and I noticed that what should have been a great moment in this kid's life was reduced from the traditional big ole bear hug from Goodell to a chest bump and a warm hand shake instead.

That's a shame.

Tomorrow's presser should be another big moment in both the team's and Tunsil's futures. But it won't.

Instead, there will be lots of questions about the video and lots of questions about the vetting Miami had done heading into the draft.

I would have to believe the Dolphins didn't do much.  Who would've seen this coming.

Too bad the kid won't get his big day in Miami. Too bad he lost out on a big happy hug from Goodell.

Thats a shame.

And a good thing for us.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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I think the true culprit was actually Don Shula. How else do you account for Marino falling to the 'Phins back then?