Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Van the Man

Vance Joseph is the 13th defensive coordinator in the history of the Miami Dolphins. Anybody that knows anything about the Dolphins remembers the most famous # 13, Dolphins legend Dan Marino.

Joseph, then a quarterback, was on a team that won the state championship in 1987 and was runner-up in 1988. At the University of Colorado, Joseph played quarterback and running back.

Drafted by the Jets as a defensive back, Joseph also played same for the Colts in his two year NFL career.

More importantly, Vance Joseph coached defensive backs in college until 2004 and then into the pros with the 49ers until the Bengals hired him in 2014 as defensive backs coach.

Working on a clean slate with the Dolphins, expect Joseph to shore up the secondary behind an aggressive defense led by Suh, Wake, Williams, Jordan and company
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The D will be a lot better than last year,Last year D the D backs played 8 Yard's off the line and the rusher had to read the play's before they rush the passer that's why teams drove down the field on us,I'm glad coyle is gone he made a top five D worst.


As Dolphins fans, all we can do is hope... until it comes time to gloat at Patriot fans! :-)