Saturday, March 05, 2016

Sad, but true

Dave Wannstedt left the Dolphins during the 2004 season. In the 12 year span since (including that season), the fins have averaged 6.6 wins per season. And considering they had 11 wins one year, it's actually much worse than it sounds.

And even that 11 win season is coming around to its 10th anniversary.

And a new coach and lots of new players (and of course tannehill!) doesn't make me optimistic that it's going to get better anytime soon.

The playoffs seem elusive, made more so by the current state of the NFL. Of course, only 6 of 16 teams make it in the AFC.

Year over year, 3 teams (Patriots, Broncos, and Steelers) are virtual locks and another 5 (Colts, Bengals, Chargers, Chiefs, and Ravens) are vying to unseat them and/or be one of the other 3.

And then there's everyone else trying to break in to the group. Sure in any given year, any team at the top could falter. And any of the rest might have a breakout season.

But it's rare. And going past the first game is rough going for any of them - because the teams at the top have the (elusive to everyone else) experience of winning those games.

So the reality is that Miami is stuck in neutral and has limited prospects to win more than 8 games with a new coach and a new roster.

And the playoffs remain but a dream...
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The Phins are in an 8-8 "un" merry go round.
When you consider that they probably should have won the Jacksonville and Indy games, STILL THAT'S 8-8 best scenario, nothing more. They stink and they are mediocre...period. Ross needs to sell as he has no clue. Tannehill may be salvageable with Gase, but first an OLINE needs to be fixed. How can anyone fully judge the QB when he is on his "arse" ?? How can every fan clearly see that the team needs not one, but 2 guards, year in and year out, and the team does nothing ? Now the clock ticks on good Defensive Players like Wake & Grimes, 2 of the top 50 named, by the way, and their careers are being wasted by mediocrity. Bad drafts (Jordan, E.Hill, J.Fletcher, etc,etc,ect ) overpaid and overhyped F/A's (Wallace, Ellerbe, yeah, Suh also) Each year the team finds it's way back to 8-8 or so, someway, somehow. Damn, the football gods are really screwing with the the fans for that perfect season, Shula and the Marino years.
No end in sight. All Phin fans wait for is the draft this time of year, and the front office has no idea how to "pick the groceries".
Sad and BAD...


I will not be optimistic again until that piece of trash, Tannenbaum, is gone, which will hopefully be within the next 2 years when he proves, yet again, what a complete failure he is. But then we'll probably hire another equal failure to replace


I am forever optimistic this time of year and so disappointed by mid December. Clearly the coaching was bad and the aforementioned roster issues lay unresolved year after year.

So what's a Dolfan to do? Start at the bottom by figuring we can win maybe 3 games. And then have our spirits rise as we win a few more and then a few more until finally we become relevant beyond winning our last game that costs another team the top seed.

I am no longer getting fired up. I am passing on the cool aide and drinking some Bosco instead.

If and when we get there, I may not be able to say "I told you so". But I won't be eating crow either.

Lets go Dolphins! Eh, golf is on from Doral. Never mind.


I have no doubt that the glass is half-full. Ross' hire of Gase was a bold move in a division dominated by defense. Ross' interview afterwards demonstrated his growing knowledge of the game and, also, spoke of his long-range plans for the future of the Dolphins.

Suh and Misi had their contracts restructured.

Free agency is upon us, followed by the draft.

What more could you ask for at this early date?


Mario Williams visited the team. He could be a nice addition at the right price. I think bringing Paul Soliai back could help too. Soliai and Suh could be a hell of a combo at DT.