Friday, March 11, 2016

Really Miko? WOW...

So here we are watching Omar Kelly feed into drama AND publish untrue statements.

I am completely convinced that the ONLY REASON he is so popular among the Dolphins fan base is because he feeds drama and people LOVE drama. 

Take a look at this:

Miko Grimes is also on record for saying this :

"It's like Tannehill ejaculates and drops a drop of jizz in y'all mouth like a mother feeding her baby birds in her nest :-) :-) :-) :-)"

And this:

"...fuck all three of y'all with Magic Johnson's dick!"

Omar Kelly loves feeding drama. It's hilarious the infatuation he has with Miko Grimes, it's borderline disturbing. Who even knows what exactly is going on there, very strange. What is puzzling is why big bad Omar, who supposedly don't care what people think, deleted the post that Miko obviously told him to share with the world via Twitter. Maybe, just maybe Omar does care a little bit...

I have a few things to say about Miko:

1) Birds don't "jizz" in their baby birds mouths, that's not how it works at all but for some astronomical reason, I am not surprised at her inaccuracy.

2) To wish someone contract the HIV Virus, which Magic Johnson has, whether you like them or not is not only CLASSLESS, but it's down right disturbing. You need mental help, I hope you get it.

3) And as for the Bucs being "REAL" organization that is ran "PROPERLY", how did you gain all that insight on them in a few hours time? Just curious. And since they are a "real" organization, was all $16 million dollars Brent earned the last 2 years fake also? Again, just curious because the last time I checked, they have a rookie head coach just like Miami and they were 6-10 last year, again, just like Miami. Seems to me that you think they are the next best thing since sliced bread simply because they gave Brent a contract. 

Don't worry Tampa, wait until the waters get rough, she will attempt to divide your locker room also. 

As for the reporting by Omar, he wrote a column that Kiko Alonso's contract was extended for 2 years and $2.8 million dollars. About 10 hours after that was written, Alonso's agent denied that report and said no new deal has been talked about with Miami. If that is indeed true, Omar was dead wrong. What I don't understand is why he "prides himself on being accurate" because he is wrong more often than not. 


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Omar is a joke... although no where near as classless as the ome who shall not be mentioned. The one who shall not be mentioned craves attention, needs it. At the expense of its hunsband, organization, and life. Omar is just a sad tool of its will, and an even worse "reporter".


I think Miko and Omar are sleeping together . He has no class and she is just plain mean and needs locked up.


I don't read anything Kelly writes. Can't believe he makes a living writing about sports. He should be selling cars.


I don't read anything Kelly writes. Can't believe he makes a living writing about sports. He should be selling cars.


Omar is next to go. He makes overtures like he knows inside info, but really is full of BS. Chris Perkins is class and all the Sentinel needs to cover Phins. Omar and Miko together were a joke on the radio. Two blind birds yapping about what they don't know.
Miko has no class and was finally put in her place on the ground with police holding her down at Sunlife Stadium last year lol...
the fact that Brent cannot control her is sad. Good luck with that Brent. She has cost you a few million and tons of embarassment as well. Bucs ? Same as Phins, 6-10 team in need of lots of help. No improvement there in change of teams. If Brent just shaved a mil or so and put a muzzle on his wife, still would have been a Phin, where he is probably better off.


I'd bet all that I own that she is at least half the reason he got cut, considering a few gms said they wouldn't sign him because of her


Omar Kelly is a hack who makes a living hating on the Dolphins and Miko Grimes is a dumb piece of uneducated gutter trash. She's a waste of organic material. My wife, who doesn't even like football, knows more about the sport than Miko's dumb ass, and I can't believe a guy like Brent Grimes is married to her. Brent, you can have any women you want. Take this former hoe back to her old pimp and get your money back. You don't need to pay for it anymore.