Wednesday, March 16, 2016

More FA moves the Fins should make.

Now that Denver has matched CJ Anderson's off from Miami, I believe the Fins need a contingency plan other than drafting a RB. I think it's too much of a gamble to assume that Ezekiel Elliot will fall to number 13 overall and I believe that Derrick Henry will be drafted by Dallas at the top of round 2. I also still think we should be drafting another LB and CB in the first two rounds anyway.

One RB I'm not hearing a lot about is Devante Booker from Utah. He could be picked up in round 3 or 4, which I believe would be a bargain. I know Booker is small and not many people think he has what it takes to play in the NFL, but I live in Salt Lake City and I watched him play all year. I can tell you that, other than his size, he is NFL ready. He has amazing finesse. I saw him make some moves last season that made me think I was watching an NFL RB. His awareness is also very good.

So, I think Booker would be a great pick for Miami in the middle rounds. But we also need a veteran and right now, the best FA RB left, in my opinion, is Arian Foster.

Foster is 29, so he still has some gas left in the tank. Barring any injury issues (he's still nursing an Achilles injury), I think we should sign him if we can get him on a team-friendly contract. He's waiting until later in the off-season to make a decision, so I think by that point, most teams will be set at RB and his options will be limited. This could be a great chance to sign him for cheap.

If Foster wants too much money or takes too long to make up his mind, my next pick would be Alfred Morris. Either way, I think our RB corps needs to consist of one veteran that we get in the FA, Jay Ajayi, and a rookie that we draft in the middle round (maybe Booker).

We still need help on the O-line and I don't think the draft will be enough. We need at least two more in my opinion. I'd love to get Russel Okung, but he's generating way too much interest. We can't afford him. But we should at least try, because I don't see any other options in the FA at this point. I am annoyed that Miami just twiddled their thumbs with the O-line in the FA once again.

We still need help in the defensive backfield, and I think that Reggie Nelson would be a really good move for Miami, especially this late in the FA period. Vance Joseph has coached him already and I think he'd fit very well opposite of Jones.

If nothing else, Miami can still add depth in the FA. They should not be going into autopilot until the draft. Most of the FA's we've signed have only been to fill gaps left by departing in-house FA's. This team can't be fixed just by seven rookies.
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P.S. - Yes, I know we already got Isa Abdul-Quddus, but I think we still should be jumping on the opportunity to land Nelson and then let the two of them battle it out for the starting job. How nice would it be to have Jones, Quddus, and Nelson in our safety group? Injuries to a starter would be a non-issue at that point.


Just a constructive note: you said "our RB core needs to consist of..." It should be "corps," not "core."


Jerry, yeah I noticed that after the fact.


I have to disagree on foster. He is walking glass. Dude is not worth even a small low risk investment. As for the Nelson thing, I don't see him coming to Miami on the cheap which is the only way I bring him in. Reshad Jones has
More than earned his spot so we pay a player top dollar to be a backup? I wouldn't do it, Miami made that mistake with Matt Moore already, it's a waste of cap money IMO.


And I will go onto say that I kinda like the FA moves Miami has made so far. Got rid of Miko for one, ended up with a younger and bigger CB for less money, we will have to see if Maxwell turns out better than Brent this year. We also got a starting MLB, only issue is health but again, we shall see how that works out. We got a better DE in Mario Williams although he is older, we will have to see what is effort level and production is this year but I don't disagree one bit letting OV walk, loved him as a player but $85 million is way too much for him. All these moves are a huge gamble, Tannebaum is either gonna be a huge failure or a genius. No in between IMO. The other key thing here is the DOLPHINS MUST DRAFT SUPERB, would we be in this situation if Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner or Jamil Douglas turned out to be starting caliber lineman? What about 2nd round Jamar Taylor at CB? Has he stepped up? And if I'm not mistaken, some of those guards I mentioned were early rounders too. 3rd overall DE Dion Jordan? MAJOR BUST. We should only be looking at a few holes on our team and not an entire defense if they would have drafted and developed players properly.


Lawrence. While I agree that Foster is injury-prone, he also has that homerun ability. Now it looks like we are looking at CJ2K. I had no idea he was even available. I actually like the idea of getting him better than Foster.

The reason I brought up Nelson is because at his age, I believe he is declining and I was talking about bringing him in as a backup for a reasonable price. I don't think Nelson is going to get paid like he wants to be paid.

I agree on Williams. I don't think he's a downgrade at all other than his age. I also believe Maxwell has more upside than Grimes at this point, but we still need another CB.


Definitely should sign a guard and draft one, agree the first 2 picks should be corner and mlb, would like scooby wright in the 2nd and definitely sign Reggie Nelson