Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Daves two cents: concussions

I've been following the concussion storyline for quite some time. There's some meat to this and the NFL could and probably should change to address it.

But there's big money. And it's still king sport, so why bother?

But once in a while you hear something that makes you scratch your head. The first recent instance was Jerry Jones making some stupid comments that there's no connection between concussions and CTE. And then Irsay makes an inane comment about football being no more dangerous than taking an aspirin?!

But the thing that gets me is that NFL has "asked" the NY Times to retract the story I posted a link to. Why? Are they afraid of it? Was it factually inaccurate? It seems unlikely - especially since they said the numbers were skewed based on low reporting of concussions. Does the NFL really want us to believe that some teams had no concussions at all...for years?

Or perhaps they object to the linkage between big tobacco and the concussion story? Is it untrue? Did you not bring in the same consultants? And your knee jerk and attempt to silence the times sounds a lot like the smear campaigns when big tobacco was under fire.

This story isn't going away. And the NFL trying to take a stand will only serve to make the story bigger.

Players will react by retiring earlier. Parents will likely keep their kids out of the game. And somewhere along the way the NFL will cease being at the top of the heap as a sport.
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