Sunday, January 10, 2016

Yesterday's playoff games -

Because, you know, it's football, I watched parts of both games yesterday. The first game was a dog (eyes roll) but the second was mostly fun.

The Texans - Chiefs game was a clear illustration of the difference between "making" the playoffs and simply getting into the playoffs. The Texans won a very weak division and were humbled by a team that was on a roll.

Teams that get it done week in and week out are generally going to win.

And on the second game, in spite of Mike Carey's report to the contrary, the officiating was haphazard and inconsistent. And sometimes just bad.

The rule about helmet to helmet contact is clear. The rule about making contact with the helmet is also clear. The defenseless receiver situation is to protect players but touching the helmet trumps that. Doesn't matte if he was defenseless. The goal is to protect players.

As I watched the game, they called a few that were right. Called a few that were iffy. And didn't call others that were clearly fouls. And each time the call - or no call - influenced the game.

But it didn't stop there. They had some lame calls in other situations that made me scratch my head.

The end game was odd. Sure, the Bungles blew it. First you had a pick where Burfict ran to the wrong end zone but (lucky for him) was called down. Then, you had the RB try and get extra yardage. You have the ball and the lead. Duh. Fumble of course.

And the steelers got close. Okay on the pass to Brown that was the right call; Burfict made contact. He led with his shoulder but came in late and hit his helmet. But tell me how that was different than the hit on the Bengals RB a few series earlier that caused a fumble. That one was helmet to helmet.

Anyway officiating took an odd turn at that point. Players and coaches were on the field tending to Brown. And Joey Porter - yes the guy who famously called out Cam Cameron - started getting in the bengals players faces. And after some back and forth jones gets called for a penalty on the bengals.

I'm sorry. What? What was porter doing on the field? And why was he trying to stir the pot? In a way, he won that game - or at least influenced the outcome. And that is just wrong.

The officials should have penalized both teams and sent them to the benches and porter should have been removed from the game.

That's just messed up.
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That whole game was a joke. Grown-ass men getting paid millions to act like kids in high school. You can talk about "passion for the game" and "high emotions" all you want. If I were an owner or GM, no one on my team would acting like that. I'd have fired A LOT of people after that game.


As a high school football official in NJ, the kids don't act like those animals did last night. They are very respectful.

You are absolutely right, David, that Porter should have been penalized. Coaches are allowed out to visit with their injured players but that is where the line gets drawn. They are not allowed to bait or taunt the other team. The official was clearly in the immediate area and could hear what was going on. Porter should have been penalized prior to Jones shoving him. The refs lost control by not getting between Porter and the Bengals. Then again, they lost control a whole lot earlier.