Sunday, January 03, 2016

Well there ya go

Believe it or not, I'm not going to bash Tannehill today.

Instead, I'd like to share with you something a friend of mine who has a connection to the patriots told me on Friday: the patriots had no real intention to play hard and win today.

Sure, they would give it some effort, and pros don't tank games, but their goal was to make it through with the limited roster and not get any more injuries.

In other words, they were willing to take the #2 seed (assuming the Broncos win) and get healthy - rather than play hard against a 5 win dolphin team.

They get a bye and a home game in any case.

So live it up Dolphins fans! Your team just beat a team that never was in it - treating it like a preseason game.


All it wound up doing was dropping the fins a couple of spots in the draft and giving fans something to remember from an otherwise forgettable season.

Now on to the coaching search.

Rumor is that Campbell is still the favorite to retain the job. We'll see.
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If the Cheatriots had won, they'd have home field through the playoffs. You know, the same home field where they have the locker rooms bugged, and can create mysterious headset interference. Instead, the Cheaters may now have to go to Denver, the place where Tom Brady's playoff hopes go to die. No, the Cheaters wanted this bad. Real bad.

As for Campbell, I've never heard or read a single rumor that he will keep his job. Rather the rumors tend to be more like they have no serious intention on interviewing him, but have had to say otherwise to keep the team focused.


Ah the old "I meant to do that" excuse. I'm not sure what's more unbelievable that you think we are that stupid or that you have a "friend" with "connections to the patriots".


BOOM! @mattbatt. Read my mind. Seriously Ray, pure speculation. I honestly dont believe your friend knows Tom Brady or Bill Belicheck that well. Maybe it wasnt in our best interest to won a meaningless game but to say the Patriots didnt even try? Wow c'mon man, thats borderline retarded. Even the Patriots backups want to win. I usually appreciate peoples different opinions and the time the put into writing about our team even if I disagree, but this article is pure TRASH. Why even bother writing it at all? Straight garbage.


Next time I catch a blog post with Ray Finkle at the top Ill be sure to get my bullshit meter out and turn it on.