Monday, January 25, 2016

We Can Hang Our Hats On This...We Have No Other Choice

Winding up 6-10 doesn't leave a whole lot to brag about. 

Finishing in the cellar doesn't help either.

But we do have one accomplishment this season that did make a difference in the 2016 playoffs.

We beat the Patriots in week 17 and that put them on the road in Denver yesterday.

Trying to beat an outstanding Broncos defense with all that noise is very, very tough.

So when you see any Patriots fans or anyone else that demeans your loyalty to the Dolphins, you can at the very least state "We did put the Patriots on a plane for the AFC Championship and that made all the difference."

On a side note, I wonder if Bill Belicheat or any of the Patriots' players are second guessing Belicheat's decision not to kick FGs during those 3 trips into the red zone in the final 6 minutes of the game.

I know down by 8 you are trying to tie it up when you can against a very tough Broncos defense. Who knows when you'll get down there again.

And after the first two 4th down failures, the Broncos were just trying to eat clock and willing to punt the ball.

But up by 5 and 2 points, the Broncos would've followed the same strategy by safely attempting to eat clock.

Had the Patriots taken the 3 points in those first 2 trips, they may have won it 21-20 on their last trip.

Could this be the initial kink in the armor of the Patriots?

Doubt is very powerful.

Lets hope so.

A friend, who is a very knowledgeable Pats fan, blamed the loss on Gostkowski missing the extra point. When I mentioned the FGs, she quieted down.

After a pregnant pause, she said "Yeah, we should've kicked those FGs."

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

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Good end to Pats season. You just know that Roger Godell was overjoyed when they missed that 2 point conversion.
Yep, Phins kicked Pats in the butt that last game. It surely was not meaningless, as some would like us to believe...heck, it may have been the difference for NE. Going to Denver is their "house of horrors". ONLY team that Belicheat and CryBrady have a losing record against,and to play them at their home (Denver) surely made it tougher. Now, if only Manning can beat showboat/hollywood Cam Newton and ride out into the sunset a champ and retire, that would make for the final drama on the 2015 NFL season. In the end, Phins did influence matters in the AFC. No Pat fan can say otherwise. Amazingly, it was Belicheat that lost it for NE. 3 easy FG's and Pats would have been back in the Super Bowl...argghhhh.
Good that Hoodie blew it !


I'm glad those sanctimonious Patriots fans are finally getting their rations of crow!

Wade Phillips did a masterful job of confusing Belichick!


Yes the Broncos defense made some great plays throughout that game.

Broncos DC, Wade Phillips, called a great game.


Belicheck also screwed up in the Dolphins game. He was so arrogant that he tried to constantly tried to run the ball down Miami's throat to rest Brady, even though the Patriots had no running game what so ever. He thought they could still beat the Dolphins without throwing the ball. They were almost good enough to do that but the plan backfired and they ended up losing a game that cost them the home field advantage which ultimately changed the outcome of the AFC championship. The Hoodie got his comeuppance. As a Phin fan, i'm loving it.