Sunday, January 10, 2016

Today's games

I enjoyed the early contest, though it was interesting that the game ended on a missed field goal. Reminds me of an Ace Ventura moment...

The second game, well, that brings to mind a point. Arguably, all of the best QBs in the league (who weren't injured) not only made the playoffs with their teams, but got a bye. Brady, Peyton, Cam, and Palmer. Yep, pretty much the best....and in the wild card round, in every game the team with the better QB prevailed. Rodgers, Wilson, Rothlisberger, and Alex Smith (who doesn't get enough credit).

And consider that the one QB who I have a man crush on, Bridgewater, did everything right leading his team on what shoulda been a game winning drive. Its not his fault the kicker missed a chip shot win.

Weird that all 4 road teams won - proving (again) that its not about simply making it to the dance. Its about being good and entering the playoffs on a roll, and with a good QB.
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