Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Suh's monster deal is already causing cap issues for the Dolphins

In case you missed it, here's a piece on Suhs contract. The key information is this:

According to Spotrac, the Dolphins are more than $7 million over the cap for the 2016 season right now. A large part of the reason for that is Suh's $28 million cap hit, which includes a base salary of $23,485,000. That base salary is a massive jump from last year's base of just $985,000, which the Dolphins made that low so they could fit him onto last year's payroll.

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This is true Dave, buuuuuuuuuutttttttttt......its in Suh's Contract that Miami has the right to restructure at anytime, thus lowering his cap hit. This explains:


LOL. I love to see the comments of stupid people. Suh's contract is the work of a genius. We will end up having plenty of Cap space to do what we need.


The reality is that any contract can be restructured. But whatever the dollar amount calls for in terms of guarantees or bonuses has to be paid but can be applied differently or spread out over the life of the contract. And both sides have to agree on the new deal.

Suh will get nearly $23.5 million for this season. But it may not all count this year, depending on what they do. But it will count at some point, and even if they take down the cap hit this year, at some point it will be a factor. They still are on the hook for it. Because remember it's not just this years number that's the issue. It's the next several years, too.

So genius? I'm not so sure.


Cut him and take the cap hit or he will handicap us for the next decade.

Old admins decesion and a bad one at that price. Defensive tackles do mot score touchdowns. Don Shula would never had made this deal.

Bill Belechek, .... Oh, Never mind just list any coach from here, who won a Superbowl, never did a deal as stupid (yes that is a strong word, stupid), as this.


You build, in house, from the draft. Period. You keep your players as they grow. i.e. Ted Ginn jr, Vontae Davis, Sean Smith, Ted Ginn jr, Wes Welker, ect...


Dolphins shouldnt have paid him so much but since they already agreed to they should just eat his high cap number this year and get it out of the way. No more mortgaging the future. Draft and develope and for once dont WASTE all the teams money on one FA.