Sunday, January 10, 2016



Adam Gase.

I would have loved Hue Jackson buuuuuutttttttttttt Miami canceled their interview with him and obviously decided to hand Gase the keys to the franchise.

He can supposedly fix Tannehill and that's great. I hope he does. 

My question is, who is gonna fix the OLine, LBers, and now that Grimes has started declining, the CBs?

It is rumored that Hue Jackson is going to San Francisco as the head coach...

If the Niners make the playoffs next year and Miami does not, I will officially be a Seahawks fan! LOL

Truth is, I truly have no expectations for the Phins this next season. We have ALL been fooled too much, and I for one, will not be fooled again. I'd rather be surprised if they turn out half decent.

Good Luck Mr. Gase. 
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Like I said before, my optimism is dead. I will say this, if last nights playoff game is any indication of the type of culture they have in Cincinnati, I'm glad we didn't get anyone from that team to be the HC. What I watched last night was disgraceful.


The Who...."We won't get fooled again"


A shame Jeremy. An absolute animalistic shame.