Sunday, January 10, 2016


The Dolphins have nearly perfected this "thing". Still, they're splashing around in the deep end of the news pool reserved for playoff teams.

The Hickey parting didn't make a very loud sound in the playoffs hubbub. Hiring Gase to coach/coordinate the Dolphins has split the air like a cannonball dive in a resort swimming pool.

Every fan has a right to their opinions and I respect that.

One that caught my eye raised concerns that the Dolphins head coach hire of an offensive coordinator in a division of defensive coaches was a bad move.

In actuality, the Dolphins hired a head coach who has made his living devising ways to beat defenses. It's an innovative and strategic move by a team more known for its misses!

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Good point. Glad to see we have our own bright young mind posting here.

I actually like the hire since I like Tannehill and he should benefit from Gase. Hopefully anyway.


Thank you, Carl. Not necessarily brighter than the average bear and definitely not young!