Monday, January 11, 2016

It sounds nice but then reality sets in

Yesterday, I posted that I couldn't understand why the Dolphins decided to put all of their faith in Tannehill. 

But I'm willing to set that aside and hope for the best.  Hey, its the offseason where hope springs eternal!

Then, I had another thought.  It seems clear that the new model for the NFL is for someone to play GM and he finds players. And they find a coach who can work with said GM, but his job is to manage those players.  Coach has no real input on the players, his job is to get them ready to play.

So Gase will have no control over the roster.  And the roster as it stands now is a problem.  The Dolphins haven't drafted well in the last .... many? ... years, and have many needs.

Clearly, free agency is not the answer to solving the problem.  Drafting well is.  I heard Joe Rose this morning make a comment that it sucks to see players reaching their prime and playing well elsewhere; or reaching their prime and not playing at all, meaning it was a miss.

And that's when it hit me: the time to hit your prime as a drafted player is about 4 years.  4 years!  If the Dolphins have next-to-no one on the roster they've drafted, then as they start trying to fill holes, you have to expect that it will take 4 years for them to hit their prime.

Sure, turnarounds can happen quickly.  Can.  But they don't often.  Especially when there's a lack of talent.

While there's hope, we're still probably several years away.  And with the NFL and its current win-or-die attitude, you have to wonder if this coach will survive that long.
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Tannenbaum said at Gase introductory press conference that as far as the roster goes, Grier is in charge of the in door and Gase is in charge of the out door, so Grier will fill the roster and Gase can cut whomever he wants.

They did say that they all want to work together with one vision to get the roster in order where Grier will try to fill the coaches needs. Gase will have the power to cut guys he doesn't want so it could be interesting depending on the cap hits as to who Gase can actually cut or must be limited in getting rid of.