Sunday, January 10, 2016

Here's what I don't get

The Dolphins hired a guy with no head coaching experience to be the head coach, offensive coordinator, and to work with Tannehill. 

How can someone focus on *that* his first time out?  And what of the overall team, its attitude and health, the locker room, and all the nagging issues that mount through a season.  Especially from a guy who looks like he's 14?  How does he get the respect of the team?

And over on defense there's expected to be a guy who's only ever been a db coach (for a short time) who takes over.  How's that gonna work out when Suh doesn't get what he wants?

This has the makings of a disaster.

But here's the thing that really makes me scratch my head.  What do they see in Tannehill?  They have gotten him multiple coordinators, weapons, they've tried (and failed) to get the line upgraded.  And now they hired a coach who they specifically said they want to work with Tannehill to help him grow.  That seems to have been a critical part of their decision - stupid as that sounds.

But I still don't see in him that intangible that makes every great QB. Where's the moxie?  The fire?  Why wasn't he ever the captain? Why does no one consider him a leader?  Why didn't he make calls when it mattered - and I'm talking simple things like a timeout when you're on the goal line an time is running out?

So maybe he turns out to be "better" than I thought. Maybe they're right.  But I don't think he's ever gonna win you a big game.  EVER.  Even if he does get better.

And that's what I can't figure out.

But then again, Tannenbaum hired a guy that works for *him* and his ability to keep his job.  If the guy can't help Tannehill - and remember that Tannenbaum didn't draft Tannehill - then its easy to blame the previous GM, and keep the coach on a short leash.  And if things go really south, its all the coaches fault.

Hiring a bigger name with an ego wasn't good for his own career prospects.

Basically, he set up Gase to fail.  And if he succeeds he looks like a hero.  Nice.
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Tannenbaum is a cancer. I trust not one single decision he makes until we are in the playoffs. I don't see that happening.

Up until now, I've always been one of the most optimistic Dolphins fans you'll ever meet. But after 15 years of dumb decisions, I just can't be optimistic anymore. At this point, they're all idiots until proven otherwise.

I still hope this works and Gase turns this team around, but I won't hold my breath.


I am turning blue!!!

Been holding my breathe for the last 15 years and getting pretty tired of the failures and regrouping. This one better work.

Not sold on Tannebaum yet either.