Friday, January 15, 2016

Free Agent Guards

Listed below are the top 2016 free agent guards. They are ranked by Walter Football, graded by Pro Football Focus and last contract by Spotrac.

Kelechi Osemele, G/OT, Ravens. Age: 27  grade 79.6  4-yrs. $3,345,870
Evan Mathis, G, Broncos. Age: 34  grade 88.6  1-yr. $3,250,000
Alex Boone, G, 49ers. Age: 29 grade 65  2-yrs. $6,000,000
Jeff Allen, G, Chiefs. Age: 26 grade 85.8  4-yrs. $4,643,822
Richie Incognito, G, Bills. Age: 33 grade 90  1-yr. $1,100,000
Ramon Foster, G, Steelers. Age: 30 grade 82.7  3-yrs. $5,500,000

A familiar name from the Dolphins past, Incognito revived his career in Buffalo. He and Mathis are not only the top graded guards, but also the oldest. Curiously, well-regarded 49ers' Boone was graded poorly by PFF. He's also very expensive. 

GM Canamdolphin targets the Chiefs' Allen. He's still young, has an excellent grade and his last contract didn't break the bank. The Chiefs are a good run-blocking team. The Dolphins could use good run blocking to keep the sack hounds off Tannehill. Second choice is the Ravens' Osemele, for many of the same reasons. 

The Dolphins won't be able to fill all their holes with the draft. Restructuring a few large contracts would enable the Dolphins to dip a toe (fin?) in the free agent pool to bolster their offensive line. That two of the league's oldest guards had the highest grades shows how much experience matters. As the Dolphins found out, rookies on the offensive line is a risky proposition.
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I like Arizona's Ted Larsen while the similarly youthful Jeff Allen would work just as well for me..


Hi, Kenny! Thanks for the honorable mention over at the Shout! Jeez, lots of familiar names! Tinshaker, wow!


Jeff Allens last contract didnt break the bank? You are familiar with the rookie contract structure right? You think 3 mil a year is expensive for a quality guard? Sometimes I see why the GMs and coaches dont take fans opinions seriously...


Pretty sure that CanAm was suggesting that JAllen can be had at an fairly affordable rate.. I want T's, can't go into o16 with backups of the terminated JFox ability, G's didn't kill us, JFox at one or the other T's is what killed us !! I believe that most any G should be able to be plenty productive, if we could ever get the nucleus of BA, MP, & JJ surrounding them on most given plays.. BA, MP, & JJ have only seen the field together in 5 of the last 35 plus games, that's two years worth of games that our intended starting nucleus wasn't together in making life easier for whoever the G's may be !! Need capable backup T's, and our nucleus of (BA, MP, & JJ) to be on the field together for the most part of a seasons entirety!! GOFINS!!