Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Can someone PLEASE explain to me...

...why Miami's front office apparently does not know who will decide on the final 53-man roster??

This is being reported by ESPN analyst, James Walker:

So, basically, you hired a GM that you weren't even sure you wanted making final roster decisions?

So Chris Grier is a glorified scout? It sounds to me like his job description has not changed at all. He is still just the head scout with a fancier title and a bigger pay check.

And why hire a GM now? Why so soon? Why not leave that position open until you've felt out all of the HC candidates? Now you've limited yourself to coaches that will be willing to work in your current structure, which is still pretty messed up. And if there were any big name coaches out there who like to double as the GM, those candidates will be looking right past the Dolphins. So, you've limited your possibilities there, too.

Regardless of the structure, the GM makes roster decisions. Period. If you picked a guy as your GM in whose abilities to do so you don't even have faith, then you made the wrong hiring decision......AGAIN.
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