Monday, December 07, 2015

Blue screen of death

I'm watching a little of the epic clash (aka "yawn") between the Cowboys and the not trademarked, racially insensitive team, and noticed that the Microsoft surface tablets crashed on one sideline.

There was a technician working on a unit. And I imagine he saw something like this. Because if you support MS products, you always see something like this. (Snark)

Benny hill and officiating

Dave - no offense taken, no doubt leadership is an issue. But as long as Benny hill underperforms, I'm going to continue to call out his shortcomings.

When the offense was "changed" to better mirror what Campbell wants, I would have expected Tannehill to at least play at a level that's mediocre. Instead, yesterday, he regressed and was bad.

It shows that Lazors approach did maximize Tannehill as much as he possibly could - and now we're seeing the future.

One game sample, I know.

But 86 yards? Really?

And that brings me around to officiating. When it was still 0-0, the Ravens got to a 2nd and 1 near the Dolphins end zone. The Ravens were "stopped" on 3 consecutive downs. And the Dolphins should feel fortunate and that may have been a point where the defense felt like they could rise up and win.

Only. The Ravens got a first down on all three attempts. Watch the replay. They were not stopped short.

But the official on the far side seemed totally out of synch. His job is to stay in a line with the ball; move up as the ball moves.

But on all 3 downs he started one - two yards upfield where he couldn't see the ball. And then ran in diagonally to spot the ball.

In a game of inches his position can spot the ball incorrectly. And he did.

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad he did because a wins a win. But wow. Imagine if he had spotted it correctly. Might have been a different game

88 Yards ?

88 Yards for our boy Ryan.  Way to go bud, way to go.  For all of you Tannehill supporters you will win this for now, because he isn't going anywhere but once we have a whole new coaching staff next year and a new system and 17 STILL doesn't produce and we have yet another wasted year because 2016 will be a failed year if he is still starting THEN, I will say.  Told you so.  I'm not going to even bother arguing my point because ill get the same responses, his OC sucked, he now has an interim OC, his OL sucks, he has no time.. blah blah blah.  Real QB's don't need excuses, they find ways to win or make big plays because they have talent. 

Sunday, December 06, 2015

Today's big winner

That award goes to reader Linearz. He responded to several posts explaining what's wrong with the Dolphins. And he's spot on.

Yeah Tannehill is just mediocre. But he isn't the biggest problem. (Sorry Ray!)

The real problem starts at the very top. The absentee owner who has no clue about football and who cares not a wit about what's happening sends out renewals with price increases and a bad product. That's not caring about much - except that bottom line.

And of course, Ross hires a guy who he thinks is "all that" in Tannenbaum and puts his faith and trust in him.

He's also called Parcells a time or two - and well, he might have been a great coach a couple of decades ago, but he was a complete waste here and undermined the team at every turn. So why he has any faith in that guy is beyond me.....

Of course Tannenbaum is in it for his own self preservation, his own legacy. He'll do what he thinks is right and what keeps him in the owner's good graces. If that means he has to take personnel duties from Hickey, he will. If it means he thinks the long term answer is Campbell at coach, he'll do that.

He will always be in the middle and will never cede control to a big name coach. Rather, he's likely to have a coach who does what he (Tannenbaum) wants.

He's already shown his mentality and mindset in extending Tannehill - a move that was in no way warranted and hampers the team's growth for several years to come.

So fans, 8-8 is here to stay for the foreseeable future. There may be some wins. Maybe even some big ones. But there's no point in getting to high or throwing your money at this team.

Watch the games if you like, and enjoy them if that's your thing. But realize the team is going nowhere until Ross decides to sell.

Good thing they changed the offense!

Firing Lazor had an effect on the team. More running, sure. Less efficiency from tannehill.

And a reduction in scoring. Down from around 17 points per game to a whopping 7 points per game!

Woot! Super Bowl here they come!