Friday, November 27, 2015

Now that's marketing!

The team is underperforming. They are in the midst of a coaching change. Apathy is high and seats are hard to sell.

And, oh yeah, it's Black Friday when retail establishments try an tweak the bottom line - and everyone thinks specials, sales, and offers.

And the Dolphins decide it's the right time to announce an increase in ticket prices in 2016!

Woohoo. Way to embrace the world around you!

Two thoughts on "black Friday"

I know, I've been harping in Tannehill rather a lot.  And I really don't see what any fans see in this guy, or why they want to give him more time.  I also can't begin to imagine how the people in charge of this team thought that he warranted any contract extension, much less a big one when he still had a year remaining.

It makes no sense.  I've got some games recorded, and I've gone back and watched.  Yes, his line is bad.  Yes, there are other issues, perhaps with bad routes or lack of support from the run game.  But his reads are bad, he's slow to react, he locks in on a guy and doesn't "feel the pressure."

So they've had to basically dumb down the playbook and have him throwing screens and short routes - where the play design gets the ball to a spot.  And as a result he has good numbers.  But he doesn't - and can't - actually lead the team.

That's a caretaker.  Not a leader.

And that simply isn't good enough.

If you look around the league, its amazing how a good QB can step into a mediocre team and elevate those around him.  Just look at the first year players that came in over the last five or so years that took a bad franchise and turned them into a winner.  And on the flip side, those that missed at QB continue to struggle.

Now to the other point:  There are so many holes on the roster that they need a great draft, a number of mid-tier free agents, and some role players.

If they just replace the coach, leave the QB in place, and keep trying to fill holes, they will be stuck for another couple of years, and will have to come up with a new plan within 5 years - probably to fire everyone and start over.

With Tannehill and the guys making personnel moves in place, this team will remain 8-8 for the foreseeable future.  And no coach worth a lick will come in to that situation.

I'm going with the Dolphins would do well to part ways with everyone that has anything to do with on the field play.  Especially Tannenbaum and Hickey.

Clean house.  Start over.  Let the new guy build a team.  Pick a QB. Decide what to do with higher priced players like Suh, and older players like Grimes.

No matter what, with the holes on the roster, one offseason is not gonna do it.  It's going to take a couple of years - and a QB - to undo the damage that's been done.

Time to start shopping for a whole new group to run this team, Mr. Ross.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The only person to attend Blaine Gabbert's press conference? Himself -

This is so awesome. It's the kind of thing you'd expect to happen to Tannehill. And hopefully it will soon when he's playing in the arena league.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Losing Out

Will the Dolphins win out to save their coach? It's a foregone conclusion that this team won't be able to. It's too bad, he's gaining valuable experience as an interim head coach.

The silver lining in being a loser is the 2016 draft. There are seven teams with worse records than Miami:
3-7 Ravens remaining opponents record   30-30
2-8 Browns         "                 "                "       30-30
2-8 Titans           "                 "                "       43-27
2-8 Chargers      "                 "                "       33-27
3-7 Cowboys       "                 "                "       35-25
3-7 Lions             "                 "                "       26-32
3-7 49ers              "                 "                "      29-31

4-6 Dolphins         "                "                "       30-30 

Miami is in a tough spot. They're out of the playoffs and have a slim chance of losing enough to get into the top ten. Not a lot of options outside of the top ten and Miami needs options to try to fill its many holes.

Ideally, Miami has to lose its remaining six games to have a chance to move up, but they'll have competition from other teams doing the same thing. There are also seven teams with the same record as Miami:
Jaguars              "                "               "   24-36
Raiders              "                "               "   29-31
Redskins            "                "               "   24-36
Eagles                "                "               "   35-25
Bears                  "                "               "   20-31
Saints                 "                "               "   33-27
Rams                  "                "               "   32-28

 If you're counting, that's six teams that have a tougher remaining schedule than Miami. Losing out to get into the top ten draft picks will be as tough as winning out. Not a very good scenario, huh?

Dave's two cents

A couple of random thoughts:

1. The times simulator I posted a link to suggests that the chances of the fins making the playoffs is <1%. While it's still mathematically possible, the season is over.

The question, then, is who do you want as the next head coach. Post below. I'm curious to see what peeps think.

2. I had a feeling (and I think posted something) that the patriots would be damn good this year. And weren't going to take overturned suspension lightly. Now at 10-0, put me on the list of people that think the patriots will go 18-0. And once again be flirting with perfection. Only this time it seems like that extra motivation will prob'ly get them there.

3. I recently read Steve Ross's bio on Wikipedia. Let's just say it was interesting. He's not quite self made (not that he ever said he was), and got some connections and money from the family. And while he did graduate high school in Miami, his family moved there during high school, and he moved away just after. Of course, since he was born in 1940, there were no dolphins in Miami while he lived in the town.

So other than a couple of years as a teen, he really has no personal connection to the town or the team.

Just an observation, really. But it underscores a point I've made that he is happy to own A team, and doesn't much care about it, the city, and whatever.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

I Already Told You All!!

I told you all. Hope for Hue Jackson. Our offense STILL sucks as well as our defense. What's surprising is you all talk like you expected them to win today. Did you really expect them to make the playoffs?! LOL. Like I said, hope for Hue Jackson. He is the best and most REALISTIC option we have at season's end. And let's hope he brings new coordinators. LOL, thought they would win, thought they would make playoffs, that's great.....

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

Okay here goes: Tannehill still sucks. Yeah he had a couple of okay plays. But IMHO, that was more a case of the Cowboys being surprised by the Dolphins calling a few longer plays and teeing off to get to him, rather than covering h'tge receivers.

And what, exactly, did they amount to? Pretty much nothing.

At least this week he didn't give up a safety. But he did give up a pick 6, which is worse.

Meanwhile the Bucs dominated Miamis opponent from last week (the Eagles) with Winston easily having 5 TDs!

That shows the gulf between Tannehill and a good QB.

Bam. I said it. He blows. Please. Play anybody else!

N.F.L. Playoff Simulator - The New York Times

A little fun for your Sunday morning