Friday, November 13, 2015

Coaching search

Based on some public reports and a few tips from people with at least a little access, here's where the spin of the coaching wheel seems to be...

As Campbell was promoted to head coach, the hope was that it would simply work out and there wouldn't be a need to hire anyone else.

But Mr. Ross gave a 4-6 week timeline to re-asses things. We're in that window now, and it's not going according to the plan. So he has started to consider next steps.

As I hear it, Stephen Ross wants to be a little hands off on the search and let his football "brain trust" do most of the leg work, and Ross will get involved as the interviewing gets started.

Assuming there's interviewing at all. You still can't rule out Dan Campbell. The easiest thing to do (from his perspective) is to simply keep him as the coach.

And that leads us to this: Ross is putting is trust in Tannenbaum to head this up. And he's looking to Hickey as well.

So that means it's unlikely either of them will be replaced.

And it further means that you've just reduced the candidate pool. Established and/or bigger name coaches would want their own people around them, and would want some level of autonomy and control.

And not just that. It also means that the "culture" is unlikely to change. You'll have the same drive to win you have today. Yippee. More years of 8-8 are in the Dolphins future!

Of course, that's getting ahead of ourselves. It'll be interesting to see what Ross actually chooses to do.

But bear in mind that his track record on his own isn't so great - and he would prefer to not have to go through a coaching search (and rather focus on his other businesses).

So deciding to rely on Tannenbaum is likely.

As for me, I'm still pulling for Rex Ryan's twin Rob to be the coach. There would be nothing more fun that that!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Mayock: ‘Have to Continue to Build’ Around Ryan Tannehill « CBS Miami

This may be the stupidest comment I've heard in support of Miamis QB. His argument is quite simply that he doesn't see any options to replace him, even In college.

And he goes on to say that Tannehill can "make every throw" which simply doesn't make sense. He can't. And doesn't. I saw another analysis that explained that 12 of Ryan's completions last week were actually made behind the line of scrimmage (ie screen passes), and most of the remainder were under 10 yards. I think most of us could make those throws.

Build around Tannehill? Please. I'd trade that guy for bus fare.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Tough times

I wanted to talk about the QB but before that, I want to say something about coaching.

Dan Campbell may be a good guy. And one day he may make a good coach. But that day is not today.

He had the team running through walls, and they believed in him. But now his lack of experience is showing - poor clock management, questionable personnel decisions, and electing to take penalties ... those immediately spring to mind. And now the finger pointing has started ("I was doing what coach asked" came out of the locker room) and it's just a matter of time before they turn on him. It's coming.

And now to BennyHill. The guy isn't awful. But he also is not an NFL caliber QB. He now has 56 games behind him. And how many games has he led a 4th quarter comeback? How many games does he have a signature win? How many times has he taken the team on his back and led them to a win? How many times has he even come close, maybe failing on 4th down after leading a drive? Thats right. It would be a big, fat goose egg.

Contrast that with other players. I'll mention two. Bridgewater has 3 in 24 games, and nearly had 2 more (including one against the fins last season). And Marcus Mariotta had one yesterday (along with his first game being terrific!) in 8 games.

It's kind of pathetic the fins can't get more out of him. Part of it is coaching. The situations he's put in, the play calls, and playing in the shotgun can't help. But he doesn't have the talent. Period.

And the real problem is that the team has NO options. For some reason, Hickey decided to sign this guy to a long term extension. Based me. And it's for too much money. So they're stuck with him. The cap hit isn't a killer -

But it is gonna be a problem.

Matt Moore is not the answer. But it seems to me that going ahead and benching BennyHill does tell him - and fans - his tenure in Miami is over. And allows you to develop the run game.

Why not get Logan Thomas ready to play? He played behind Tyrod Taylor at Va Tech and had some success there. What have you got to lose?

In the end I guess it really doesn't matter. Because in January we'll be ushering in another new era. New coach, possibly a new coach, and maybe a new QB.

And the team will be rebuilding yet again. Awesome.

Ndamukong Suh tells refs 'I'm gonna slam the f*** out of him next time' after questionable call -

It seems like it's just a matter of time until Suh does something to get himself suspended....

Sunday, November 08, 2015

After further review, the Dolphins are still mediocre.

As per the usual, I'm watching redzone. Enjoying my Sunday and not particularly worried about the Dolphins. 

Doesn't matter who the coach is these days, 7-9 is their perennial record. 

It starts with ownership, and goes through the "leadership" of the team, into coaching, and ends with the players. 

They're not gonna get any better anytime soon. They are the 21st century of the Cleveland Browns. 

And I think many of you are coming around to my way of thinking. 

In fact Jeremy just posted a comment under a previous post that's worth repeating. 

The comment was in regard to tannehills ability:

Maybe if he EVER played under center... Stupid offensive scheme. It's stupid in Philly. It's stupid in Miami. Stop trying to reinvent the sport. No one is going to gimmick their way to a SB. Ross needs to sell the team to someone who knows what he's doing and then that person needs to clean house and start over. I'll never give up on this team but right now they are an absolute joke and I have no more faith in this season with this dumb ass offense they are running. If playing out of the shotgun on 90% of your plays worked in the NFL someone would've already won a SB with it. It DOES. NOT. WORK. Stop it!

Bench Tannehill!

For all this team's problems, I realize QB play might not be the biggest issue.

But neither is Tannehill helping the team. Two weeks and two safeties?! Really?

Look around the league and see all the QBs who are carrying their teams. Who lead their teams and actually can win a game.

BennyHill is not one of them.

The team needs ... Something. Why not start with something obvious?

Benny Hill

Ever since my buddy Frank referred to the Dolphins starting QB as "Benny Hill" I've had this song in my head - and keep picturing him running around being chased by defenders.

Ha.  Awesome.