Friday, November 06, 2015

Update on stadium renovations

It turns out that Ross, according to "sources," did get about $200 million from the NFL to fund stadium improvements. And the great news for him is that it wasn't so much a loan as it was money from profit sharing.

So forget what I said about him fronting construction money. The improvements cost him pretty close to $0 out of pocket. It's not his money that's being used...

Also, as we know, he gets a steady stream from the county for events he brings to town (though missing out on the college football national championship may sting a little).

And, he applied for state subsidies. In addition to the tax credit for the Dolphins, he also applied for an economic incentive that would net him $3 million per year.

This one is for "economic development" because, you know, for 25 years there hasn't been any growth near the stadium (save for a wal Mart next door) but now he thinks there will suddenly be some.

Rays take

Some friends were talking about the game. The question was: do you think the Dolphins will win this week?

We were all a little unsure. Yeah, they might win. Talent-wise, both teams are probably close.

But there are just so many things pointing to a possible loss:
* Tyrod Taylor is back, and he's shown to be pretty good
* the Dolphins have Benny Hill at QB (one of the guys came up with that one)
* the Bills are at home (and yes they are 1-3 at home, but two losses were to the undefeated Patriots and Bengals)
* there's game film on what the Dolphins are doing, and Bellichick laid out a plan for beating the fins
* the Bills are healthy, and the Dolphins really aren't
* the loss of Wake is pretty big. They played their best when he was healthy
* the Dolphins are thin at Oline and the tackle who played last week was bad
* don't count out Rex Ryan and his ability to coach; he might outfox young Dan Campbell

So we'll see. The Dolphins seem to still be passionate and upbeat. Hearing the coaches and players you can't count them out. If the betting line were any more than Bills by 3, I might take the Dolphins and the points - but that sounds abut right as it is.

I hope I'm wrong, but it's hard to be too optimistic with this team.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Ted Ginn is a guy you're going to be watching for a long time.

Just not in a dolphins uniform.

Anyone catch the OT of the panthers game last night? Ted Ginn Jr. was streaking down the sideline.

Ball hits him in the hands.

And he drops it.

Can Cameron was right on. His aunt Maureen couldn't have thrown it any better.

We still love seeing the Ginn family...