Friday, October 30, 2015

Tannehill and Miller Sweep FedEx Air & Ground Awards

For what it's worth - 

Ryan Tannehill and Lamar Miller have been awarded the FedEx NFL Air and Ground Players of the Week (respectively).

Both won for their performances against the Texans – Tannehill completed 18 of 19 passes (94.7 percent) for 282 yards and four touchdowns for a 158.3 passer rating. Miller racked up 175 yards on 14 carries (12.5 avg.), including an 85-yard touchdown in the Dolphins' 44-26 win.

 Because of these victories, Miami's chapter of the American Red Cross will be awarded a total of $4,000 – $2,000 in Tannehill's name, $2,000 in Miller's.

And IMHO it doesn't validate Tannehill or mean he's any good. It was the Texans after all. 

Goblin Pats

Just a few thoughts on the Dolphins at the Patriots...

Miami abandoned the run rather early, too early, just because the Pats stuffed it was no reason to give up. I thought Lazor was off his game. Like Ray said, I thought I saw Philbin at that game.

With New England's awesome performance record at home there was no chance for an upset. Having to play on the road on a short few days of practice left the whole team short on answers. I'm not making excuses. There is a rematch in Miami.

Lazor decided to put the game on Tannehill's shoulders. Sacked five times by an underachieving O line and a hungry NE defense, Tannehill was over-matched. The turnovers said it all.

The penalty situation was indeed strange. The referees called 13 total penalties in the first half and only 2 five-yards penalties the entire second half. Did the refs take the second half off to watch the game or did the quality of play improve that dramatically? Puzzling.

I was hoping that the Miami defensive backs would bump the receivers at the line of scrimmage to disrupt their timing with Brady and give their D line a better chance to pressure Brady. Didn't happen. Brady and Gronk each set personal records in that game.

I'm not too bummed about the outcome, though. There wasn't enough time for Campbell to get into his team's heads. By the looks of it, the coaches didn't have enough time to put in a plan to counter Belichick. Not too many teams do!

Fished in.

I was fished into believing the team was actually any good. That what we saw for two weeks was real. That Tannehill just needed to be unleashed. 

I heard some of you say that Campbell reminded of Bill Cowher. More like Colin Cowherd. He's got the hype but when faced with a tough situation found that motivation and playing reckless wasn't enough. 

But thinking it over there really was NO WAY they stood a chance against the patriots. That coach and that QB at home are essentially unbeatable. Especially if you're not that good. 

Crashing back to reality indeed. 

Now every team has the recipe for beating the fins. 

8-8 may be a dream...

Morning thoughts

I'm guilty of it. So are many of you. I was....

At least we have our answer

The Dolphins aren't quite what we they seemed to be. National tv. The defending champs. On the road.

Just play hard.

And while it seemed relatively close until just after the fins scored in the 3rd, it wasn't.

Miami never got past midfield in the first half. And really only had the one drive...

They looked like pretenders. Like a team that's probably headed to 8-8 or so.

You hoped for more. But as they have for the last 15 years, they just couldn't do it.

Ah well...I guess it's what we've come to expect.

And by the way, I thought I saw philbin sitting in the stands wearing a patriots t shirt.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Good Night

I really hoped Miami would win but I said to myself, if it is competitive, I will be more than happy. But it's not. 

70 something total yards in the first half. No points. Stupid turnovers. 

Once again, not ready for  prime time. 

Pray for Hue Jackson. Good night all, sleep is more important than watching a real life rendition of "Madden"

Seriously ??

Based on this article by Greg Cote

a win my Miami would be a mild surprise ? can Miami get any respect ? they destroy two teams and all the media says is well look at the records of those two teams.  Are these not NFL teams ? records aside, Miami dismantled them and still get no respect.  The way the media works unless your Dallas, New England or the Packers you get no love, but a whole lot of excuses on why your playing well.  I understand it's two games, I understand there is a lot of work to be done but don't tell me if we beat New England it won't be a surprise to everyone because all the picks I heard have the Patriots winning and even if we win the media will run with " well look how they won, they struggled, they didn't play well the Patriots played bad etc... You will never win with media praise unless you are the 3 teams above.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Emotions Running High For Thursday Night's Miami @ New England Game

When was the last time you were this pumped for a football game?

When was the last time you weren't really sure what to expect the outcome to be but were also so confident going into Gillette Stadium?

Its a mixed bag of emotions.

Enthusiastic concern might be the best way to describe it.

Knowing how well we have played the past two weeks and yet here are the Patriots with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick on the other sideline.

A much different opponent than the last two and, unfortunately, a much better one at that.

Yes, we are not the same team we were just a month ago and, unfortunately, New England, at 6-0, is.

They know who they are. They know what they do best. They know what they need to do to beat us and they are up to the task.

We just found out who we could be. We know we can play well. We know what we have to do to beat them but are we up to the task?

Thursday night's game will be a defining moment in Dan Campbell's coaching career. He will find out how he stacks up against one of the very best in NFL history.

If I put my hatred for Belichick aside, its hard to diminish what he has accomplished as a coach.

It is.

He is a winner.

This is probably the biggest statement game for the Dolphins in a very long time.

We are going to find out if we are one of the best teams in the entire league or just one of the best teams in the bottom half of the league.

That not only breeds concern but also enthusiasm and anticipation for the truth.

I want to know and I dont have to wait until Sunday to find out.

In 24 hours, we and the whole world are going to know how we stack up against a talented, well coached team.

What's not to be excited about that?

Can we keep this runaway train on its tracks?

I hope I like the answer.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ryan Tannehill / Lamar Miller are Finalist for FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Week

The NFL announced today that Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill and Lamar Miller are finalists for this week's FedEx Air & Ground Players of the Week award for their performances against the Houston Texans (Tannehill completed 18 of 19 passes (94.7 percent) for 282 yards and four touchdowns for a 158.3 passer rating, while Miller had 14 carries for 175 yards (12.5 avg.), including an 85-yard touchdown in the Dolphins' 44-26 win against the Houston Texans). This is Tannehill's first nomination of the season and Miller's second.  You'll find a list of nominees below:


Air Nominees

·         New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady completed 34 of 54 passes for 355 yards and two touchdowns for a 94.3 passer rating in the Patriots' 30-23 win over the New York Jets.


·         Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins threw for 317 yards and three touchdowns for a 124.7 passer rating in the Redskins' 31-30 victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


·         Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill completed 18 of 19 passes (94.7 percent) for 282 yards and four touchdowns for a 158.3 passer rating in the Dolphins' 44-26 win against the Houston Texans.


Ground Nominees

·         Miami Dolphins running back Lamar Miller had 14 carries for 175 yards (12.5 avg.), including an 85-yard touchdown in the Dolphins' 44-26 win against the Houston Texans.


·         New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram rushed for 143 yards on 14 carries (10.2 avg.) and a touchdown in the Saints' 27-21 win against the Indianapolis Colts.


·         St. Louis Rams rookie running back Todd Gurley rushed for 128 yards on 19 carries (6.7 avg.) and two touchdowns in the Rams' 24-6 win against the Cleveland Browns.


Every Monday night, following the Monday Night Football game, through Thursday at 3 p.m. ET, fans may visit to cast votes for their favorite players nominated that week. FedEx and the NFL will announce the winners every Thursday afternoon and award a $2,000 donation in each player's name to their teams' local area chapters of the American Red Cross to assist with disaster relief and preparedness.


can it last?

Let me start here: I'm happy with two wins in a row!  Its a fun ride, and something we haven't seen in a while.  And you have to be delighted to see the guy who can't put his arms down making it work.

But there's something odd going on here.  The previous coach couldn't motivate his team, and they were averaging somewhere around 17 points a game.  And the new guy is getting them in the high 30s.  They're playing more enthusiastically, but its weird to see a team turn around that quickly.

You can attribute the Titans game to the bump you get from a new attitude. Campbell said all the right things.  He removed any references to Philbin.  He did the little things that can bring the emotion up.  And, yeah, they were playing the Titans.  They're an average team, made better by the new QB - who Vernon knocked out of the game.

But then this week was a pleasant surprise too.  The Texans aren't world beaters by any stretch, but a first half that huge?  I did a little googling, and found that the problems for the Texans are deep.  They are very flawed.  How flawed?

Written before the Dolphins game.  In some ways, a big offensive output wasn't unexpected. 

And then there's some dysfunction, especially at the top.  Clowney has issues.  The QB missed the team flight. The coach and the GM are fighting.  Those things together, and how they are handled, don't equal success in the NFL.

So I'll take the win - in the NFL any win is good - but I can't get too hyped up about this.  And with New England next up, there's a good chance it all comes crashing back down.

I guess stay tuned until Friday morning.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Anyone Know What Is Going On?

So I think it's pretty safe to say that absolutely nobody expected to see what we all have witnessed from the Miami Dolphins the last two weeks. They have annihilated the Texans and Titans.

They came out physical. The came out motivated. They came out and executed in all phases of the game. Cameron wake has 6 sacks in the last 2 games. Some will say why do grown men need to be motivated? There are a lot of things we can compare that to but the fact of the matter is that motivation is important, grown man or not. 

It is apparent as can be that Joe Philbin was holding back the offense. How is it that Ryan Tannehill breaks passing records and Lamar Miller has nearly 200 yards rushing in a half of football once Philbin is gone? Dan Campbell has publicly said that he will let his coordinators call whatever play they feel will succeed. That screams that Philbin dictated the play calls when he was here. After Tannehill hit Matthews for the first TD of the Texans game, Campbell went over to Bill Lazor and gave him a pat on the chest and congratulated him. 

Do we even need to dive into the improvements on the defense since Coyle got fired? Just for fun, let's just say, 6 sacks for Cameron Wake, by himself and 2 pick 6's for Reshad Jones. Enough said.

All of this being said, I can say that I didn't expect this from Dan Campbell. I expected him to be replaced at the end of the year. I expected an improvement out of the Dolphins but nothing this drastic. I know what you are thinking, it's the Texans and the Titans right? The way Miami won was impressive, no matter which of the 32 teams was on the field. So what about Thursday in New England?

I watched most of the Jets/Patriots game on Sunday. I honestly was not impressed by New England. Miami needs to win the turnover margin and put New England in some 3rd and long situations but I believe Miami wins 20-17. 

Phins Up!

How many wins for Campbell to keep his job?

Three weeks ago when Dan Campbell was promoted from tight ends coach to head coach little was known about him and it was seen as a long shot that he would retain the coaching job. Fast forward to today and the Dolphins have blown out the Titans and Texans and Dan Campbell has been put on the map nationally. He has turned a 1-3 football team which was closer to the number one pick and playoffs were not even in the realm of possibility. However just a 1/2 game back of a wildcard spot and a schedule that does not look as bad as it once did, this season is far from over and we can play meaningful games now. He has made players play to their full potential and seems to have support all throughout the locker room. 

Now looking ahead to the schedule the Dolphins play the following teams:
  • @ New England (6-0)
  • @ Buffalo (3-4)
  • @ Philadelphia (3-4)
  • vs Dallas (2-4)
  • @ New York Jets (4-2) 
  • vs Baltimore (1-5)
  • vs New York Giants (4-3)
  • @ San Diego (2-5)
  • vs Indianapolis (3-4)
  • vs New England (6-0)
As of right now 4 of the final 10 games are against teams above .500 and 6 games against a team with a worse record than Miami. So this brings up the question, how many wins would it take Campbell to stay another year? With two wins already under his belt, I believe Campbell will stay on if he wins 4 games from here on out. That would put the Dolphins at 7-9 and 6-6 under Campbell. That is pretty impressive if you looked at this team after the New York game, as we were on pace to finish 4-12 losing to the Jaguars and being blown out by both the Jets and the Bills. 

3 wins I believe would be a judgement call and it would depend how we are losing the other 7 games. If we are competitive and losing by narrow margins then I believe he will be given another chance. Anything less than that then I believe we should look elsewhere. Now the caveat to this would be if we suffered a major injury that sets us back a lot, then we would have to evaluate it all again. 

As of right now, its Campbell's job to lose and so far he has made a giant statement on keeping it. The Dolphins are playing with a passion I have not seen in many years and we have returned being a tough team and it is not a coincidence this happened when Campbell was promoted. I can't recall the last time we blew out and dominated teams but now this is the second week in a roll we have. Now on to New England, where this will show us just how good the Dolphins are. If only we could have an Oklahoma drill of Belichick and Campbell. 

On another note if Campbell were to take us to the playoffs, there is no doubt he should win coach of the year. He would have completely turned this team around after being handicapped to a 1-3 start.