Thursday, October 15, 2015

Teen battling brain cancer receives custom golf cart through Make-A-Wish - Sun Sentinel

Hey dolfans - I wanted to share this story with you all because as it happens, his father, Blue, is an assistant db coach with the fins. So there's some connection there.

As you think about the sense of giving back in your own way, you might want to consider make a wish or a charity that helps kids with cancer.

End of public service message.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

NFL net worth

I've been suggesting for a while now that Ross should sell the team. But I wondered: is it worth more than he paid for it?  

And as luck would have it, I came into contact with someone who could tell me the team value. Not surprisingly, it's in the middle of the pack at around $1.2 billion (including the stadium). 

So yes, it's worth slightly more. 

But as I learned this, I also couldn't help but notice philbin was one of the bottom 5 paid coaches in the league. And surely Campbell will be at the bottom. 

And while neither tannehill or suh crack the top 5 in salary, they aren't far behind.  Tannehills contract is technically $5 mil this year but with guarantees his cap number is around $21 mil. 

Suhs contract only eats up $4 mil in salary this year but is valued (ridiculously) at almost $60mil for a cap number. 

I thought it was worth passing on. Just a little something for an off day. 

Here's the inspiration behind the infographic and calculating net worth

Some random thoughts on coaching

I saw the report from Peter King that Harbaugh would not be considered as the next fins coach. File that under "tell me something I didn't know," captain obvious. Really? The guy who is effectively running Michigan football, who approved of the hiring of Harbaugh as coach, and who really wanted him there isn't going to come after him with his pro team? Shocking!

Dan Campbell is the 8th head coach the Dolphins have had since 2000. An average of 2 years per guy. #winning.

I hear he's had two great up-tempo practices. Does anyone else remember when Philbin came here and he was running these fast paced offensive drills where two sets of teams were playing? Seems similar. How did that work out?

We also hear Campbell has re-arranged the lockers. It's unclear if that was to help anyone or if that was just to mess with the players. Hey! These shoes don't fit....what the....

And he's been working on a seating chart for the airplane. Cause you know, it's the little things.

And we hear no truth to the rumor that Steve Spurrier quit in South Carolina to become the next dolphins head coach.

Monday, October 12, 2015

What Next?

So now that Philbin AND Coyle are out of the Miami organization we are left with Dan Campbell as our interim head coach?? Who saw that one coming? I sure didn't but if you have read my posts before, I am on record saying that a fan out if the stands could do a better job and I truly believe that we are in better hands with Campbell even though, to me, he is somewhat of an unknown.

So what now? What if Miami gets 6-6 the remainder of the season? What if they do worse? Better but miss the playoffs? There are so many scenarios to go through but who is a potential candidate if Miami chooses to move on from Campbell after the season? There may not be any "big names" out there and I do not think Sean Payton is leaving the Saints. So let's talk a little bit about the possibilities:

Hue Jackson-Offensive Coordinator-Cincinatti Bengals
This is my personal favorite and my number 1 candidate. Hue Jackson has some head coaching experience with the Raiders and is a proven good offensive coordinator. What I like about him is the fact that he pretty much turned chicken shit into chicken salad. What am I talking about you ask? The raiders were 8-8 under Hue Jackson. Their best record in the last 12 years yet the Raiders fired him after only 1 year. Considering what he had to work with and the position he was put in, I think he did quite well. This is who I would like to see in Miami next year.

Darren Bevell-Offensive Coordinator-Seattle Seahawks
OK coach in my opinion but not a good head coach candidate. I have never been impressed with the Seahawks offense, especially this year. I don't understand how you get a premier tight end in Jimmy Graham and make him a virtual non factor. I think Russell Wilson makes so many plays with his legs and the Seahawks defense creates so many turnovers to put the offense in good positions and Bevell just gets some of the credit. I think Miami can do better.

Kyle Shanahan-Offensive Coordinator-Atlanta Falcons
Not sure how I feel about this one. What do you think?

Adam Gase-Offensive Coordinator-Chicago Bears
Have you seen what he has done after him and Peyton Manning broke up???

Which college coaches could be a possibility?

Any other names that come to your mind?

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

That burrito's feeling a little light!

From a fan in New England. Now with 30% fewer ingredients.

On Stephen Ross

Apparently, Mike Florio has a similar opinion to me in that Ross is a not-too-great owner... He was on Joe Rose's show Friday.

In my humble estimation, he is the worst owner in the NFL.  He has brought shame and disgrace on this franchise and is clueless and has learned nothing from his own past mistakes.