Saturday, October 03, 2015

Do You Even Want Miami To Beat The Jets?

with reports that Philbin may be fired if the Dolphins get their ass kicked in London by the Jets, that begs the question....

Do you even want them to win or even play well?

I sure don't. I've seen enough of Philbin and his staff. A win will just prolong his tenure for nothing because Ross is a blind fool...

Go Jets

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Where is the owner?

The fins suffered the biggest loss since he took ownership of the team. And yet he says nothing.

Maybe a lot of owners don't say anything in this situation, but I was kind of hoping Ross might say *something*


I read an article from the Herald by Steven Wine and he mentions that the only player with a sack this year is Jordan Phillips and he was benched Sunday and was told by the coaches that he needs to practice better to earn playing time.  What the hell kind of coaching is that ??  This is my big issue with these stubborn bone headed, ego driven coaches.  PLAY the men who have talent and produce or play to the strut of your ego and lose!! This coaching staff is just so irritating and frustrating.

Worst Quarterback?

Over at they listed the worst QBs for each NFL team.

Any guesses who they rank as the Dolphins QB?

Ray Lucas?
Cleo Lemon?
Trent Green?

Nope, nope, and nope.

Here it is:
David Woodley was the starting quarterback for the Dolphins team that reached Super Bowl XVII, but they didn't get there because of him. In six seasons, Woodley completed less than 53 percent of his passes and had a 34-42 TD-INT ratio. If you need more evidence, just watch the second half of Super Bowl XVII.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

About the Stadium and Mr. Ross

I got some feedback yesterday regarding my comments about Mr, Ross' stadium and his apparent interest in money and not the community.

I addressed some of them in the comments, but I wanted to talk about the stadium a little more.  Its something I've blogged about rather a lot in the past, so some of you may be familiar with my position on this.

Let me start by stating the obvious: this stadium has existed in that location for more than 25 years, and ostensibly did nothing to build business. Calder Race track occupies (and did occupy, before the stadium) a plot of land a little further north, and there was little development around the stadium prior to it coming there.  And now?  There is a larger interchange to the highway east of the stadium.  And a Wal-Mart opened to the south.  To the west, nothing has changed.

So in other words, the stadium did not bring any economic development to the area.  Period.

The Dolphins did and do hire some number of people to support the team and the stadium.  I will grant you that.  But, by and large the people that work at the stadium are hired on a game-by-game basis.  They work for the day, and go home.  That's not much in the way of creating jobs - though its not nothing, either.

As far as the threat of moving the team, so we should be thankful that they are still here: I called BS on that before, and stand by it.  Joe Robbie got a sweetheart deal in terms of interest free loans, and tax advantages.  H. Wayne (when he did stadium improvements) got some low interest loans and further tax benefits.

That meant that when Mr. Ross bought the team, he was saddled with these items as a part of the team.  He would be on the hook for these loans regardless.  Hence, why he would never actually move the team.

And because of the tax advantage they gained,the Dolphins don't contribute as much as they could (or perhaps should) to the local economy.

Now to the new improvements he is funding himself.  Yes, he is fronting the money.  But (a) it appears as though he got a loan from the NFL for some portion of it (and its hard to know for sure, because that's not in the public record), and (b) being a real estate mogul, he surely found a way to do the enhancements in a way that was the most cost effective.

And the deal he struck with the county pays him for events that come to the stadium.  Estimates I've seen show this to be about $30 million per year, from our tax dollars.  Plus, he's still working on another exemption from the state that saves him money on his tax bill from the state.

And of course, he has the money that people plunked down on new seat licenses, and new season tickets.  He got that money up front, and it helps pay defray the cost of construction.

So, its not quite as simple as he paid for it himself.  Yeah, he kind of did, but he also gets money back from the community anyway.  And in basically 10 years (maybe less), he will have recouped it all from the county and state.

So don't try and sell me on him helping the community economically.  I'm not buying it.

Monday, September 28, 2015

On Stephen Ross

I was having a bit of a debate with some readers about who's to blame - naturally I contend its Ross.

Apparently Armando agrees with my position.  You can read his rationale here:

Ain't no way a guy like Cowher (or established name) will come here if this is how ROss runs a team.  

A winner from the Dolphins?

Maybe these Dolphins aren't winners...but there is one former player who is!

Eddie Jackson who was a two-ish year, somewhat forgettable player in the early 2000s won the food network star

So at least the Dolphins can claim some success!  Live it up!

Daves two cents

I hear the cries that "Joe must go!" and I appreciate the sentiment.  But I think the problems with this team lie higher up than simply a head coach.

If the owner fires him, who does he replace him with now?....and do you trust him to hire the "right guy" the next time?

You may also have noticed the players aren't really playing so well (perhaps its the wrong players?), and there's no real depth.  Sure you can say that it takes time, and Hickey hasn't had enough.  But when you look at well run organizations, you can see it turn quickly in this era of free agency.

How can some teams be consistently good, in spite of roster turnover?

So the issue. IMHO lies with the owner.  Pretty much everything he has done since he came on board has been handled poorly.  Allow Parcells to opt out and still get paid?  How did that work out?  Fly to California and try to hire Harbaugh while Sparano was still the coach?  Bullygate?  Saying he's disappointed but not doing anything?  His relationships with the people associated with the team are all complicated, and he's the ultimate boss to all of them?

These are things that don't happen to owners who truly are invested in their teams.  And their communities.  I go back to him not doing anything of substance here in South Florida.  He expects your loyalty. but doesn't do much in return to earn it.

Sure, he put "his" money into the stadium (yes, I laugh every time I hear that).  And fans love that.  But when you stop and think about it, the one thing it did for him was to increase ticket sales.  Sure, don't go to games as a form of protest.  But he already has sold season tickets and has money from fans.

And then, next season, he will probably have a new coach AND he will be finishing off stadium improvements.  And that may mean some new people will sign up for tickets.  And that means he wins again off the field.

I would (and have) argue that he's happy to own "an" NFL team.  I believe he tried to buy others before the Dolphins became available.  He seems content to be an owner, and who knows if he give two wits about what happens on the field.

So I'm saying the only way out of this cycle is for a new owner to come in and take over.  I doubt he's willing to sell, so that means we're stuck in this cycle for however long he maintains control.

Defend Tnnaehill ?

I want to take a minute and ask this question, because lately I see commentators and analysts defending Ryan Tannehill.  My view is and this has been my view for sometime, he hasn't gotten better.  He's still the same old conservative quarterback who is afraid to take a game in his hands.  He is defended because of his numbers, yes he puts good stats up because he plays safe.  He throws the ball 10-20 yards and completes a lot of those passes which equates to good numbers.  From what I saw yesterday furthers my opinion on my him.  Passes thrown behind receivers, stands in the pocket too long, leads receivers out to dry, and almost every long ball he attempts is overthrown or underthrown.  I've yet to see him throw a pretty long ball.  This may have to do with coaching and the right person can fix him but as far as I'm concerned he's not improving.

Philbin, Say what now?

The fans booed. He was asked about it. He replied "I can see their point."

The guy really, really, really doesn't get it, does he? This is about you.

Just for being that dumb, Ross should have walked and booed him, and made a comment like "get out of my locker room"

Suh, Say what now?

He was asked about his apparent lack of dominance on the field and he replied "that's your opinion" .... Uhhh... 5 tackles in three games. No pass rush. And no real presence on the field. I'd say that it's your opinion that you are actually good.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tannehill, Say what now?

After the game, Tannehill said "you can't say we didn't come in with good game plan."

If that was a "good" game plan, I shudder to think what a "bad" one might look like. The players all pull out lounge chairs and sit around and sip margaritas?

Does he not know what a good game plan looks like? That should be he one where you set out to score some points, and do something other than a three and out on the first drive, I would,think.

What a joke

Though this really isn't meant as an "I told you so" kind of moment, it may come across that way. So be it.

At the end of last season, I posted this piece

And as for the team tanking, well, that's where the real trouble is.  Philbin just got another year out of his owner, and then goes out the next week and says he was outcoached.  Outcoached!  So if that's how he behaves in that situation, how will it be next year when he's (maybe?) coaching for his job - or if he knows the owner simply doesn't care?

And here we are. Philbin has a lackluster team, and seemingly doesn't care. And at this point I believe the owner doesn't either. And I have a hunch there won't be any in-season firings. 

So we get to laugh at the team for 14 more weeks. 

And then maybe, just maybe, things can start to get better. Or with this owner, maybe not. 

At least they're good at one thing


And they are consistent about it.

If I were the owner, I would have made a phone call to the sidelines before the half, and instructed Philbin to just head to the locker room, pick up his stuff, and keep walking to the exit.

If he tried to make excuses and say there were problems I would interrupt and say "tell your problems to your wife because you don't work for me!"

We were all suckers for buying into this team in ANY way.

You can say Tannehill isn't a problem, but three picks say otherwise. The guy sucks. Along with his teammates.

They may have a couple of wins this year, but don't count on it.

I'm going out to dinner now, and I'm sleeping in next Sunday and missing whatever they do next week in England.

Dear Mr. Stephen Ross

Dear Stephen Ross,

So it's 3 minutes to go in the first quarter of this Bills/Dolphins game and I have seen enough from our coaching staff. Please Mr. Ross, after we get our asses handed to us today, please have the guts to to something unheard of and make a change in our coaching staff, IMMEDIATELY. I personally would like to see many. This is getting old. 

Thank you,

A very entertained fan.
Thanks for the dysfunction. I don't know what I would do all week if I couldn't laugh at this organization