Friday, September 18, 2015

A couple of NFL notes from Dave

I heard this morning that the NFL prepared a 200-page document rebutting the un-suspension of Brady.  IMHO, the issue here is about the authority of the league.  Sure, they're "considering" a "neutral" person to hand down punishment, but the broader fear is that this person needs to have something behind it.

If the ruling of the judge in the Brady case stands as-is, it limits the NFLs power to discipline what happens off the field, or even on the field that doesn't relate directly to a game.  

It seems they want to stop that.  

But as I've noted before, there's something amiss, because they sometimes have people in the NFL who participate in shady dealings.  Like, say, selling game footballs on ebay for profit.  And that kind of stuff goes mostly unnoticed and unchecked.

On another note, you may have heard the Goodell has talked (again) about reducing the number of preseason games, and perhaps adding some playoff games on the other end.

What you may not have caught was his assertion that he has some people looking at the financials - and he would only do it if its profitable for the owners and the league.

Remember, that today each team sells tickets - at full price - to 10 games.  That's two preseason and 8 regular season home dates.  The proceeds from these falls under the revenue sharing rules: most stays with the owner, but some portion goes to the league to be distributed among the 32 clubs, along with TV money.

Any playoff games are sold separately, and that amount is disbursed differently, with most going to revenue sharing, and a smaller amount staying with the teams.

If the NFL reduced the number of preseason games to 3, it would create a weird imbalance - some teams would have 2 home games, while others would have 1.  They'd have to figure out how to share the revenue in that case - or perhaps they'd each have 1, and there would be a series of "neutral site" games to build fan interest.

Some time ago, I talked about the scenarios for adding more teams to the playoffs, and it would make sense to add A BUNCH of teams to the playoffs, thus increasing revenue.

Given the possible positive financial implications, I can imagine this is likely to happen in the next few years.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dolphins most indispensable player

With all the injuries that we saw during week one and the injury to Sims, it got me thinking of who would be the one Dolphins player that if they went down would have the biggest impact on this season. Now of course the obvious answer would be Tannehill and for about 90% of teams if their QB went down their level of play would decrease dramatically. So this decision does not consider Tannehill.

It was really tempting to go with either Suh or Wake as they can dominate any game and are some of the best players at their respective positions. However I like the depth that we have on the defensive line and if lets say for example Wake were to go down, we would still have Suh, and vise versa. Don't get me wrong, I believe it would be a big hit but I believe in the depth enough to say that the level of play on the defensive line would still be respectable.

Saying all this, my vote would be Brent Grimes the man who got an interception last Sunday. He is a leader in the secondary and can match up and help take away a teams number one wide out. Grimes was a pro bowler last season and has already started the year off on a good note. You can rely on Grimes every week to play at a high level and with this pass happy league he will be a key contributor to the team's success this year.  If Grimes were to go down I am not too confident right now in the secondary, especially with Delmas already out.

One of the players I was really considering picking was Jarvis Landry. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite players on the team and he always seems to have one or two plays a game where he just out fights the defense and gains a couple of extra critical yards. I do believe that the depth we have at wide receiver is one of our strengths and we are still awaiting to see what DeVante Parker can do. However Landry brings in a spark to the team that does not go unnoticed, and even has the ability do be a special teams difference maker.

My pick may have been a surprise to some of you, so leave down in the comments who you guys believe is the Dolphins most indispensable player for this season. Here is to a healthy season where all these hypotheticals will not matter!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Philbin, needs to see Parker in Rhythm ?

Let me say, I'm fed up with Joe Philbin's macho ego attitude! Parker is a football player, he can go out and run routes and make plays.  If he is healthy, which I assume he was because he was active! then PLAY THE MAN.

This has been Philbin's MO since he got here, he doesn't play talented people based on idiotic reasoning.  Let the guy go out and try and make plays.  Rex let Tyrod Taylor loose on Sunday and didn't give an excuse of "well, it's his first ever start as a Quarterback"

As far as I'm concerned right now, Miami has no edge in the east, Taylor, Ryan, Belichick and Brady are mounds ahead of Philbin and Tannehill.  Philbin will be the downfall of this team holding us back once again. Unless the coaching style changes in the coming weeks we will be at best 2-4 in the devision, and I wouldn't be surprised going 1-5.  Yes it's week one, but to see the same play calling, same decsisons same team we saw in 2013, 2014 it doesn't matter if it's week one.  Things should change, and they haven't.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Philbin's Thinking Leaves Me Wondering

I am starting to worry now. 

I know there are going to be missteps along anyone's growth path at any endeavor they attempt to be successful at. 

And those missteps come with growing pains. 

I believe that NFL head football coaches need and deserve at least 4 years to implement their system.

And if they do not show signs of success in that allotted time then maybe they just aren't good enough yet.

I am still willing to give Coach Philbin his four years to not get in the way of this team's growth.

Yes, I am sure he has been a tremendous benefit to this Dolphin's team.

But he still, for the life of me, makes me wonder if he truly gets how to manage a game. 

Philbin not only needs to have his fingers on the play calling but also on the pulse of the emotions and momentum of a game that can turn success into failure so quickly you wonder what the hell just happened and how did we get to this point.

With 12:15 left in the second quarter, Brent Grimes picks off a pass and we set up shop at the Washington 21 yard line. We all remember that.

Up to that point in the game Washington had run 30 plays on offense with a total time of possession of 14 1/2 minutes.  We ran 10 plays on offense with a time of possession of 3 minutes.

Hard to believe that we were only down 3 points.  They were kicking our butts and we were down only 3 points.

Now here comes the kicker.  Or lack there of.

After 3 plays and a gain of 9 yards we are faced with a 4th and 1 at the Washington 12 yard line.

Up to that point we had rushed the ball for 2 yards on 3 attempts.

Not block buster stats.

Three plays earlier, Tannehill had just missed a wide open Sims in the end zone that left our best blocking TE with what may very well be a concussion so he had to leave the game.

We just were not moving the ball that well and even if you convert any 4th and 1 there is still no guarantee that you will translate that success into a TD.

We just weren't moving the ball that well.

If I were the Redskins and I knew I was kicking our butts and with only 10 minutes left in the half I looked up at the scoreboard and saw a 3-3 tie, how would I feel?

What the hell is wrong with a 3-3 tie after getting whooped up and down the field.

Here is a second kicker. And this one involves the kicker.

Why not give your rookie kicker a chip shot for not only his first NFL career kick but also his first NFL career game tying kick?

What the hell is wrong with that?

Now your kicker, who can and did stroke his kick offs into the end zone for no returns, can put the Redskins on the 20 after a touch back and we got momentum on our side. In a 3-3 game.

Instead, we fail to gain a yard.

They hoot and holler their way off the field. We walk off heads down.

They go the length of the field. 10-0.

And I am shaking my head in disbelief.

I get it: sometimes you want to show you have confidence in your offense and so you go for it on 4th and 1.  I do get that part of those decisions.

But sometimes you just out think yourself and leave valuable points on the field.

Ones we may need in the future.

A future that may or may not include Coach Philbin.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Some Dolphins Related Thoughts...

So what can we all really say?

We all expected much, much more out of the Dolphins today. 

The offense looked ugly as can be in the first half. Ndamokung Suh didn't have the game we all expected him too. Neither did Tannehill. 

But with all that being said...

We. Still. Won.

Look, Washington had one hell of a game plan. They used cut blocks all game from what I saw to try and keep our D-Line in check and it seemed to work quite well. That is something the Miami defense will definitely have to correct because they will be seeing a lot more of that this year. 

It took Tannehill a half to get going but he did and played a good 2nd half of football. That will not cut it against a good team.

Miami should have won by a lot more but I will take a road win anyway I can! 

Is it me or is the media way way way overblowing that play where Suh tripped over Morris' helmet? I certainly didn't see anything malicious. Hopefully there are no suspensions because that would be asinine in my opinion. 

A little off the subject of the Dolphins, what the hell has occurred in the AFC east? Buffalo had the most impressive win in the division today. They shut down a very high powered offense. 

Enjoy the win Miami got today and let's hope we improve because we will need it!

Phins Up!

QB observation (not dolphin related)

Conversation in April prior to the draft:
Who's the better QB Mariotta or Winston?

And of course the bucs think famous Jameis and select him1st overall.

And today we see something, perhaps unexpected. 4 TDs for Mariotta in the first half, and he looks like he's been playing I the NFL for a while. He's comfortable and in control. Yeah, it's just the first half of the first game, but wow. Just wow.

Isn't that what every team dreams of when they draft a QB?

The Truth is Hard for me to Swallow - The Pats & Bills ARE Better than us at the moment

We have a lot of work to do, coaching, players, scheme; that week one performance was not what the fan-base was expecting.  It was nice to get the win, but truthfully, had we played a "good" team, we would have gotten spanked.

Frankly. we looked like we were playing in slow motion, except for Misi, Grimes, and Jones.  Yes, there were a few good plays, especially on special teams.

Thank you Joe for 'going for it on 4th down.'  Do that more often.  I know we failed, but keep putting those guys in that position.

I do like that the offense held the ball at the end to finish the game.  That last first down was sweet.

Those are my random thoughts.   Generally though, I am still in shock we played so poorly!

View from the cheap seats

A win's a win, right?

I guess that's the best thing I can say about today.

I didn't see much to be happy about, and if this keeps up, we're 1/16th of the way to finding a new coach.

In every preseason game, Ryan Tannehill scored exactly one TD against the starting defense he faced.  (yes he scored a second one against a second team defense in one game) .... and today, he scored exactly one TD in the game.  (the field goal was based on a turnover, and they didn't move the ball)....I think we're seeing a trend here.   I'm still waiting for him to show me *anything*....

And while he may have helped his defense in subtle ways, Ndomikin Who? did not show up on the stat sheet.  At all. 

The only reason the Fins won was because the Redskins were so much worse.  I'll just say it: the Redskins beat themselves.  Miami got lucky.