Thursday, September 03, 2015

Bring it Brady!!

I may of the minority here but, let me just say I'm happy Brady is playing.  I was happy if he was suspended that he would be back for the Miami game and it's because I want to beat the best.  Brady is clearly the best in the league and I want Miami to beat the Patriots with him playing, beating them without him in is just eh ok, another win.  You have to beat the best to become the best. 

A comment about Brady

The story about deflategate is stupid.  And it was a waste of everyone's breath. 

The problem the Patriots faced was two-fold: first you had "the team" doing something nefarious.  It wasn't about deflated footballs, but that makes a nice story line and is keeps it simple.  What was it really about?  I don't know, though I have speculated in the past about it being about communicating with players in some way.

The second part was about the NFL trying to flex its muscle on Tom Brady.  Plain and simple, he didn't co-operate.  And plain and simple, Goodell thought he could suspend him for that reason.  Again, this had nothing specifically to do with deflated footballs.  This was about the collective bargaining notion that he had the right under personal conduct to take action for non-co-operation, and perhaps to a point for being complicit in a form of bending the rules.

The player and the player association took on that challenge in court.  And a judge ruled that under the CBA, Goodell couldn't suspend Brady.  It had nothing to do with guilt or innocence.  Nothing to with deflated footballs, or lack of co-operation.  It had everything to do with limits on the CBA.

But, there's an inherent problem here.  Two, actually.  The first relates back to the nefarious behavior of the patriots.  I have no doubt *at all* that this will simply embolden them to bend the rules in any way they like, knowing that the consequences are by far outweighed by the gains. 

They will play the game by their own rules.  They will have (another) chip on their shoulders, and will have an axe to grind. They will go mostly undefeated this season, at the expense of integrity.

And then there's the player conduct side.  Goodell just lost nearly all power to enforce conduct rules.  If he can't suspend a player for being uncooperative, how can he reasonably suspend someone for their actions off the field?  There's a danger here that in situations similar to Adrienne Peterson or Ray Rice that the NFL would have to simply let it go.  If they did no wrong under the eyes of the law, then how can the NFL suspend them?

Its going to be tough for the NFL to overcome both issues for a while....

At least we don't have the Bills GM!

If you have been keeping up on NFL news then you know about the drama in Buffalo! according to Fred Jackson the decision for his release was that of Doug Whaley's.  Weather or not Ryan is trying to cover up saying it was a joint decision to avoid any further drama within the front office I don't know.  However I will say how do you as a GM release a veteran Running back when almost all of your backfield is injured ?  McCoy may not be ready for the season and if he is he will be on a repetition limit.  I just don't understand the NFL today and how ego's take over and become the ultimate goal to fulfill.  Whaley wanted to strut his power and show he still has say on what is going on, so he releases Jackson taking the power of being right over winning.  As far as I'm concerned keep it up Whaley and I second your next decision which is wanting to release Cassel, go right ahead! that leaves you with Taylor (which defenses will figure out by week 4) and Manual (and we all know what he can do).  I'd say Miami is sitting pretty right now as the drama continues in Buffalo.

50th anniversary team asked me to join an exercise in selecting the 50th anniversary team for the dolphins. 

Here's how it netted out:

Feel free to post your suggestions, too!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Rishard Matthews or Kenny Stills ?

It's been a while since my last post thought I wanted to get back in the swing of things.  I want to express my hope that Philbin doesn't Shut out Stills due to his lack of practice time.  Don't get my wrong I love Matthews, he should play I just hope they all get reps because they all can help.  Stills has mega speed and is one tough guy, Philbin's track record shows he sits and doesn't play people for stupid reasons, in my opinion it's because he doesn't take to vets and wants to show his control.  Lack of practice only goes so far, I'll paraphrase the words of Marino.  I remember him saying this to a reporter who asked him about chemistry with receivers, his response was and I'll never forget it " You guys complicate this too much.   I just throw it to the open guy, just get open."  Stills can do just that and add an element that we haven't had in sometime, one that Wallace couldn't give, nor was he used properly.  So please Philbin, play the threats you have, drop the ego and lets not make the same mistake with Stills that we did with Wallace. 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Would be shocked if Dolphins Defense gave up more than 13 points per game.

As always, predicated on health and non-key-player injuries, it seems likely the Miami Dolphins defense will be elite for the 2015 football season.

The Defensive Line on this roster is DEEP.  The Top 8 to 9 guys would be starting or first-in players on almost every team in the league.  They set the tone.  And, if the preseason and practices are any indication, they are dominant.   It would not surprise me if the Dolphins overtake the Bills as the highest sack total defense in the league.

That all being said, if this defense gives up on average 13 points or fewer this season, they will give our team an excellent chance to win given the new-found consistency of the offense.

I just hope now that we have this defense, the coaching staff allows our offense to be aggressive.  Take more chances!  You have an elite defense to support you.

I am still predicting between 10 and 12 wins for this team.  They are that good!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Can't Help But Laugh At This One...

My my my. It was sometime last week that Omar Kelly retweeted something from a fan. I don't remember EXACTLY how it went because I can't find it now, most likely because it has since been deleted but it went something like this:

Fan: Tannehill will have a completion of 25 or more yards Saturday against Atlanta. Bank on it Omar!

Omar Kelly: You willing to put anything on that?

After watching a highlight from the game, I could not help but laugh.

Ryan Tannehill completed a pass to Jarvis Landry for a total of 46 yards. But wait, those were mostly yards after the catch right? Tannehill threw the ball from the 15 yard line and Landry made the catch at the 42. That is 27 yards from throw to catch my friends. I wonder what Omar Kelly lost in the bet!!?

"...when are you fans gonna realize that your QB is conservative? He is the Ted Cruz of QBs"
That is yet another Omar Kelly quote from Twitter. 

For comparisons sake, if Tannehill is indeed the Ted Cruz of QBs like Kelly states. Then Ted Cruz must be one hell of a Senator if he is anything like what Tannehill has shown us so far. 

121.8 QB rating and over 80% completion rate in his playing time so far this pre season. 


NE will finishTHIRD in AFC East and miss playoffs!

As I turn on my NostraDolphins all seeing season-vision, I watched a beautiful sight...   It was January 3 of the new year.  The last game of the season.  Miami had already clinched a playoff spot two weeks earlier against the Giants on Monday Night Football.    The Bills too had clinched that week.  However, if Miami beats the Patriots and the Bills lose to the Jets.  Miami would win the division and be a second seed in the playoffs (Their FIRST first-round bye since 1992). 

Miami scores first.  It was a thing of beauty - methodical and in complete control was Tannehill.  Miami's defense terrorized New England.  And, even though the Patriots made a valiant charge at the end, it was not really all that close.  Miami wins, knocking New England out of the playoffs!  Mia 31, NE 21.

Wait my vision is fading I can't see the Jets game....    The worst part is I have to be a J-E-T-S fan this week.  Oh well, we finished 11-5 and made the playoffs.  A new season begins.  A new era of Miami Dolphins dominance begins.  

 Look out NFL - we're back!

Minority owner Serena Williams on the Miami Dolphins

Serena was interviewed in NY mag this week and had an amusing quote.

> They [the Williamses] never nailed the rehearsed humility, never mastered the stone-faced just-want-to-do-my-best-so-grateful-for-the-opportunity-thanks-to-all-my-amazing-fans act calibrated to negate the possibility of an athlete's interiority. Serena answers most questions with mischievous half-statements, eyebrows raised over a good-natured ironic side-eye. On her eventual retirement: "I will finally be able to make some Miami Dolphin games," she says, laughing, "and make some, uh, better decisions down there with the players."

Yes, I'm sure that would be true.