Thursday, August 20, 2015

WAIT.... WHAT?!?! NO WAY!!!....

"Gee Willackers Batman! It must be a canary with a machine gun!"

Take a look at these two stat lines:

Player A=COM%-63.6/YARDS-4,038/TD-28/INT-13/RATING-93.8
Player B=COM%-66.4/YARDS-4,045/TD-27/INT-12/RATING-92.8

"Better Get The Shark Repellent Robin"

This time of year is when all NFL teams are super bowl bound. There is optimism throughout the NFL. Expectations are high and everyone is feeling great about the upcoming season. Fans are no different, we all are guilty of feeding into this practice, myself included.


If you watched the original Batman TV series in the 1950's then you know how absolutely silly all those quotes were. How unbelievable is "Shark Repellent" and "A Canary With A Machine Gun"? This however is not fiction my friends. This is by far the biggest reason for optimism for the upcoming NFL season concerning the Miami Dolphins:

If you read my last post, you already know my opinion of how the offseason has went so far, if you haven't read it, please do, it's titled "A Very Interesting Offseason So Far". I touched on Ryan Tannehill a little bit in that post but this absolutely blew my mind when it was brought to my attention:

"Player A" is Aaron Rodgers' stat line from his 4th year in the NFL which was the first year he was the starter the entire season after being Brett Favre's backup.

"Player B" is Ryan Tannehill's stat line from his 3rd year in the NFL, (last season), in which he was the starter since his rookie season. 


What the hell? Who would have guessed?! That my friends gives us a HUGE reason for optimism this upcoming season.

There I go again, feeding the optimism...

Phins Up!!

Donkey Kong Suh

They meet again! Cam Newton faces donkey kong suh

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bud Light Kicks Off NFL Season with New Dolphins Cans

I received the attached earlier and wanted to pass it along to everyone. 

Hi Dave – Just in time for NFL Kick-Off, Bud Light – the Official Beer of the NFL – is bringing a new Dolphins Bud Light can to Miami. The new packaging features Dolphins colors, as well as a slogan every 'Phins fan can relate to: The perfect beer for making tonight like the '72 season – perfect.


Bud Light worked closely with its NFL team partners to create new can designs for the 28 teams that it is partners with for the 2015-2016 season. Each design features a customized scroll message that speaks directly to each team's passionate fan base. The cans are on shelves now.


You can find more information on the new cans, including photos and video here. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional assets.




For Bud Light



Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A Very Interesting Offseason So Far

Hello all! It's been a long time for me posting on here, I've been busy lately but enough of that, let's talk about the Dolphins! Which is why you clicked this link anyways right??!

Before the 2nd preseason game, I'm pretty confident that the question of "is Ndamokung Suh worth 114 million?" Has been answered. The dude is a beast and has been unstoppable in camp. He has also showed unbelievable professionalism and serves as a mentor for nearly the entire offensive line. One thing that stood out to me was when he agreed to become a Miami Dolphin, he reached out to Cameron Wake. He told Wake "...I'm coming to Miami to help YOUR D-Line..." What a classy move in my opinion. He could have easily called it his line and would anyone really have questioned him? Probably not. He was also on record saying that he is not looking to get 15 sacks this year as an individual, he is looking to open up more opportunities for the guys outside (Wake & Vernon). I think Suh is worth every penny he was promised so far. What are your thoughts?

Speaking of Suh, does our offensive line really suck? Or is Suh just that good? I haven't figured it out yet guys. Would it be nice to sign Evan Mathis? SURE! But are the guards as bad as they are being portrayed? Going against Suh everyday would make a lot of guards look bad, just saying... Thoughts?

Please Lord Baby Jesus, let our linebackers stay healthy, all of them! I like our starting linebackers A LOT, but 1 injury could doom us in my opinion. Misi, Sheppard and Jenkins are all great. We really need Chris McCain to come around and I really like Zach Vigil for the future. Vigil was an Undrafted rookie who played for Utah State. I watched him closely being that he played in the Mountain West Conference with my hometown team New Mexico Lobos. Vigil won MWC defensive player of the year by a land slide! Look it up. I think a lot of athletes in the MWC get overlooked because it's not a power conference but I won't even begin to name the NFL players that came out of the MWC. look out for Vigil next year. What do you think of our linebackers?

Cornerback has also been interesting. I really wanna see Jamar Taylor win the job because of his size alone, but Brice McCain is giving him a run for his money. Someone has to win the 2nd CB competition. Who do you think it will be?

Now, onto Ryan Tannehill. He has improved statistically every year. Now in his 4th year, he is expected to tear shit up! Pardon my French! I don't know what to think honestly. I would love to see him throw for 4500 yards, 30 TDs and less that 7 INTs but I just don't know if I'm ready to make that leap yet. Reports out of camp are that he has great chemistry with every single receiver with the exception of the injured rookie DeVante Parker. He has even CONNECTED CONSISTENYLY ON THE DEEP BALL, per multiple reports. What do you think about Tannehill? And please, none of that crap about benching him for Matt Moore, that is a dead horse at this point. 

Speaking of receivers. What the hell are they gonna do? Parker, Stills, Jennings, Landry, and Rishard Matthews has made major noise in camp. I truly believe Matthews can be a starter on most teams. What to do with all of them? Parker is an athletic freak. Stills is the deep threat. Jennings is the veteran that has sure hands and runs the best routes. Landry was only 6 receptions short of the team record for most catches in a season as a rookie and he is fearless in the middle and did I mention he makes those mind blowing catches like Odell Beckham JR?! and finally, in my opinion. Rishard Matthews has earned his way into the conversation to be a starter. So what do you do? You can't play them all at one time? Can you? What do you expect from our wide recievers? Don't forget about Jordan Cameron and Dion Sims also, they are major pass catching threats as well.

The most interesting subject of the offseason, Joe Philbin. What the hell is going on? I can't make heads or tails of that man. I applaud him for doing joint practice with the Panthers. It was a smart move just for a change of scenery but he said he was doing it for an entirely different reason. Philbin said the schedule is front loaded with a ton of road games and he wanted his team to get comfortable being on the road. WHAT?! That's pretty damn smart of him. Since when does Philbin do anything that made any kind of sense?! 

A week or so ago, Philbin gathered the team around and told them if Jordan Phillips, (who is a 300+ pound DT) can catch a punt, that the team's afternoon walk through practice will be canceled. And he caught it. All the players cheered. That is not the Philbin I saw the last few years.

Then there is this, it was just reported by Armando Salguero that coach Philbin gathered the entire team again and announced that the teams "Suit and Tie" dress code on the team airplane was no longer in effect and that they could wear "jeans and T-Shirts". Not sure what changed his mind on that one but I applaud him for that. He is doing whatever he can to build trust and relationships with his players. That was a class act move. It was a little thing that I'm sure the players appreciated. Does it really matter what they wear in the plane? No, it doesn't. Good job Philbin.

Well that's all I got guys! Let me know what your thoughts are on this team in the comments. I know this is the time of year for optimism for every team and I'm not saying the Dolphins are gonna be super bowl champs, all I'm saying is that I like what has went on so far with this team. Hopefully it's not another let down of a season! 

Phins Up!