Friday, July 31, 2015

I see Playoffs in our future!

I admit it.  At the beginning of every single season, I am a homerfied, glass half-full, optimistically crazy Miami Dolphins fan.    I become more realistic as the season unfolds, but I always imagine the best case scenario - even late into the season.

Having admitted my disease for which no 12-step program exists, I must tell you: this year is no different in one respect - BUT completely different in another.

I expect the Dolphins to win 11-13 games this year.  I see them getting better each week and completely embarrassing a few teams along the way.   Now, keep in mind, I say this type of thing every year - ask my son or read some old articles.  HOWEVER, this year, the entire team seems to have my expectation and outlook.  Hell, even the trollers of Radio & Print Media (Orlando, Omar, Walker, et al) have seemed to notice the difference.  They are less pessimistic than in years past. 

It sincerely seems different.  I not only homer-believe,  I really believe with my discerning mind that the Miami Dolphins have turned the corner on a decade of forgettable teams.   This is the first year of many in which the Dolphins will produce playoff and championship caliber football.

We just need to stay relatively healthy and we will dominate our opponents.   We will go 5-1 in our division with TWO victories against the Patriots.   You heard that here first!

I Believe!  The Team Believes.  Soon, the National Media will KNOW!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dolphins top 50

As you may know, beginning today through Sept. 15 on, fans have an opportunity to help select an all-time team of the 50 best players in Dolphins history. Fans, along with alumni, South Florida media who regularly cover the team and a blue-ribbon panel, will each contribute input in the team's final composition. Those four groups will vote from a list of 100 players throughout the team's history compiled by the Dolphins organization. The 100 were selected based on a number of factors, with heavy emphasis on excellence (how well they played), longevity (how long they contributed to the team at a high level) and teamwork (how well they made the players around them better). 


The Top 50 players can be selected from any position group, and there is no limit to the number of players who can be picked from any one position. The 50 players with the highest vote totals will all make the team collectively and will not be ranked in any particular order. The team will be announced in blocks of five players throughout the course of the season, and will be honored collectively on Dec. 14.     

Here is the link to vote: