Saturday, July 18, 2015

Why Kelley, WQAM & the Sun Sentinal should be ashamed of themselves

First and foremost, I refuse to follow Omar Kelley on Twitter because he is about as jaded a person as I have ever heard (or read) who follows and covers the Miami Dolphins.

Here are the two reasons why Kelley, The Sun Sentinal & WQAM should be ashamed of themselves:

As everyone has read, Miami has the worst fans according to a 3 year study by Mike Lewis and Manish Tripathi at Emory Sports Marketing.  Why do you think that is?   I agree part of it is the transplant population as described in the study.  However, in my opinion as a TRUE fan of over 30 years following my beloved Miami Dolphins, most of it is the media in South Florida.  Aside from John Congemi, Greg Likens (I realize these two work for the team), Joe Rose, Kim Bokamper, and Andy Cohen (as well as a few others), MOST of the news media coverage as it pertains to the Miami Dolphins is tainted by people who are bitter from years of covering a mediocre team.    I understand it to a point.  We were the highest winning percentage team from 1970 to 2000 of any franchise in professional sports.  We just expected (expect) to win.  I get that.  But to trash our team every single year before games are even played, it taints the perceptions of up and coming fans, the children of transplants, and the die-hard fans.   It is irresponsible to the market that depends on the Miami Dolphins.  And, it just plain stinks to the average fan to have to listen to you know-it-all trash talkers.  My son, who grew up as a fan refuses to listen to South Florida Media.  He says it is too depressing.  Your approach and message (for the most part) to Sports Media (entertainment - I might add) is depressing.  IT IS!  Kelley, and all the other naysayers are a cancer to South Florida, vultures of a sort to a proud heritage of a distinguished sports history.

Which brings me to another beef, the second reason Kelley and WQAM should be ashamed of the crap they aired last week in South Florida.  To call out Dan the Man as "an overrated QB" makes me sick.   It makes all of us fans sick to our stomachs...  Darrell Green, is a former DB,  who played for the Washington Redskins for 19 years.  He saw hundreds of QBs.   He is widely considered to be one of the greatest defensive backs to ever play in the NFL. Green was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2008. The self-proclaimed "itty bitty guy," Green was nicknamed the "Ageless Wonder" by his peers and the general media for his remarkable ability to maintain a high level of play well into the twilight of his career. Green was also known for his speed and was one of the fastest players in the history of the NFL.     Frankly, I will take Mr. Green at his word.   He said Dan Marino was the hardest Quarterback to defend of all he ever played.  One of the best DBs in history, played 19 years, said Dan the Man was the Best he ever played against.   SHUT the HELL up Omar!  Dan is Royalty in South Florida.  You do not have permission to trash him for any reason. 

Your Loving and Devoted Miami Dolphins Fan - We believe in you.  This is your year.  This is the best talent we've assembled since the 1990s.  Shut these trash-talking haters up this year!  Go deep into the playoffs.  We support you!