Friday, March 20, 2015

Miami Dolphins Setting Up Roster For The Draft

After making big waves in the first week of Free Agency, the Miami Dolphins' front office has spent this week filling some holes in the depth chart and setting up for the draft.

By signing J.D. Walton and re-signing Matt Moore, Louis Delmas and LaMichael James, the Dolphins added depth at the interior line, quarterback, safety and running back without breaking the bank.

A bank that was running low on funds and truly couldn't afford another big contract.

We could probably spare a few million for WR Michael Crabtree if he is willing to sign for that amount.  That would add a veteran receiver to a young group of up and coming talent.

J.D. Walton, last years NY Giants starter, can back up Mike Pouncey at center. 

Or if the guard play doesn't pan out, Pouncey can go back to guard and Walton can start at center or maybe even visa versa.

The real benefit with this week's activity is that it frees up the Dolphins to not have to pigeon hole themselves into having to use that first round pick on any given position.

They can make some good choices now with that first round pick.

A First Rounder needs to be able to step into a starting role.

With Suh signed, we don't need to have to draft a DT.

With Stills signed, we don't need to have to draft a WR.

With the recently signed, we don't need to have to draft any one position now.

Granted we could use some LB help and some CB help.

At pick 14, the value for a LB may not warrant using that pick for who will be available such as Benardrick McKinney or even Vic Beasley, whose stock has plummeted recently.

The depth at CB in this draft is pretty darn good. So unless Trae Waynes is sitting there, I don't believe we have to pull that trigger at 14.

Now if WR Amari Cooper is still available at 14, we have to grab him.

Because like Waynes, Cooper can start immediately.

I believe the Dolphins are in a very good position now to draft the Best Available Player at 14.

Or better yet, trade back and not only get a 3rd Round Pick back, one we gave up for Stills, but also  get a quality player who can help us immediately.

I was thinking a bit about whether Brandon Albert will be healthy enough to start at LT in September.  I believe OT Andreas Peat will be available at 14.

But do we really want to use our First round Pick on an insurance policy.  I don't think so.

I think our Brain Trust, who has recently proven themselves worthy of the name Brain Trust, to make a move on Day 1 of this years draft. 

And they can thank this week for making that possible.

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971