Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Pats Lose Revis To Jets. Are They Moving In On Suh?

$20 Million saved by Pats by not resigning Revis. The Jets wound up paying $70 Million for a 5 year deal to bring back Revis.

The Dolphins have supposed to have agreed to terms with Suh for just under $20 Million per year.

The Pats need a DT as Wilfork was released.

As of this posting, the Dolphins have made no announcement on Suh's deal being a done deal.

You do the math.

Phins Up!!!

Or Upside Down.

Carl Leone
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Sunday, March 08, 2015

"Dolfans Aren't Booing, They're Suh-ing!"

I can hear the TV announcers now.

We now have the equivalent of Green Bay's Kuhn.

The noise level at SunLife Stadium just went up quite a few decibels.

Hell, just rename it "SuhLife" Stadium.

And the fans won't be the only ones "Suh-ing".

The D Line just got better as they now know they are one on one with an O Lineman.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

The Linebackers just got better at avoiding some blockers.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

The Secondary just got better by not having to cover their assignments for as long.

I can hear them: "Suh!"

Kevin Coyle just got better dialing up blitzes by not having to.

I can hear him: "Suh!"

The fans are gonna love it: "Suuuhhh!!"

The offense is gonna love having more opportunities and with better field position.

I can hear them too: "Suh!"

The whole damn City of Miami will be a "Suh-Fest!"

We just need the ink to dry.

Gonna be a stressful two days waiting for that.

Somebody leaked it and hopefully nobody tweaks it.

Nobody swoops in at $120,000,000. Or $135,000,000 to offset the taxes.

Tuesday will be "Suh-day!"

Can you say it?

Can you shout it?


Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971
Suhfan since 3/8/2015

Suh going to Miami

Multiple reports including Chris Mortensen have reported that Miami will sign Suh on Tuesday. The report states that Suh will receive around $114 million for 6 years, and $60 million during the first 3 years. The Dolphins have once again gotten the biggest free agent available and this should make for a scary defensive line pairing him up with Wake. We might have overpaid but Suh was the most talented free agent and at only 28 years old, we get him during his prime. Bold move by Miami.