Friday, February 27, 2015

Well Somebody Is Going To Have To Catch The Ball

But who?

Goodbye Brian Hartline.

Auf Wiedersehen Brandon Gibson.

Adios Mike Wallace?

We are waving goodbye to almost all of our entire Wide Receiver Corps.

Maybe that's why they call it "waivers".

Is last year's draft pick, Matt Hazel, ready to actually play?

Is Rishard Matthews ready to step into a starting role?

How about Michael Preston or Tyler McDonald, who signed futures contracts?

Can Jarvis Landry make every catch?

Holy shit! We are thin at Wide Receiver.

Suddenly we are in Sudden Death at finding guys to run down field and haul in passes.

I hope Dennis Hickey has a plan.

I truly do. 

Could you imagine trying to explain why Ryan Tannehill hasn't progressed in 2015 without having had adequate receivers around him.

I guess Charles Clay could catch a bunch of balls thrown his way.

Wait! He's a Unrestricted Free Agent.

Clay can't even walk into the team complex let alone run some patterns.

Well that's not good.

Ok.  Deep breathe.  Exhale.

No need for a brown bag now.

There is plenty of time to find a few good guys out there. 

Even some time to get them in and learn a new system and all nuances that come with it.

Screw this crap.  Give me the damn bag!

Put some sort of hallucinogens in it.

Now breathe deep!

Ok. Feeling much better.

As my best friend used to say when my fantasy receivers got hurt "Somebody is going to catch the ball."

I guess he is right. 

Just who?

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Brian Hartline released, what to make of the Dolphins WR group now

The Dolphins have released Brian Hartline to save $3.15 million against the cap. This comes a couple of days after a report stated that the Dolphins are looking to trade Mike Wallace. Hairline's production dipped in part to the increased role of Landry as the safety target, something that Hartline had been known for the last few seasons.

The question now arrises what the Dolphins do next. From how the season ended and from recent reports I would have to guess that we have seen the last of Wallace in a Dolphins uniform. This would free up a lot of cap space especially since last season the Dolphins had the highest paid wide receiver group in the NFL. And then there is the question on what happens to Gibson next. He has had trouble staying on the field and he could also be released to free up even more cap.

We would have to wait to see which of the free agent wide outs will be resigned and which ones will be available. I would also expect us to draft a wide out in the first three rounds if we do not make a big splash in free agency. In a season in which we want to see Tannehill progress, possibly not having 3 of the top targets from last season wouldn't help. But who knows maybe Hartline was released because Wallace worked everything out with the coaches.

UPDATE: Brandon Gibson has been released as well. Total this saves 6.4 million in cap space