Saturday, January 24, 2015

7 Round Mock Draft For Dolphins' 2015 Picks (3rd Edition)

The Miami Dolphins wound up tied with the 49ers at 8-8.  Since the 49ers' opponents' winning percentage was higher than the winning percentage of our opponents, we will pick 14th in the odd rounds and 15th in the even rounds.  We also receive the 49ers' 7th Round pick for the Jonathan Martin fiasco.

The purpose of this mock draft is for fans to get an idea of who may be available in different rounds of the draft.  I am utilizing a Computer Draft App to make the selections for the 31 other teams.  Unfortunately, I do not have the time to list all the picks throughout the draft or who else may have been available when we picked.  I am not taking into consideration Free Agent signings or losing our Free Agents at this time.

Last week's draft was posted on 1/11 and this week's draft is mostly different, as different players fell or moved up in the early rounds, except for two picks in the 5th and 7th Rounds, which remained the same.

First Round: Amari Cooper WR from Alabama (projected 1st Round)
At 6-1, 210 lbs, Cooper runs a 40 in 4.40 and I couldn't pass up such a dynamic play maker despite some other needs. In 2014, he posted 124 receptions for 1,727 yards (13.9 yards per catch) and 16 TDs.

He had some big moments in huge games including 9 receptions with 2 TDs vs. Ohio State and in the Iron Bowl vs. Auburn he posted 244 yards on 13 receptions and 3 TDs.

Only a Junior, Cooper has the size and speed combination to consistently burn off coverage but will, like most rookies, have to work on getting off the line in press coverage.  Combined with Jarvis Landry, we would have a very young 1-2 punch on the outside and either Wallace or Hartline could be in deep shit.

Second Round: Jalen Collins CB from LSU (projected 1-3 Round)
At 6-2, 195 lbs, Collins runs a 4.48 40 time and is a physical corner who posted 33 tackles, 9 passes broken up and 1 INT in 2014.  He helped hold Amari Cooper to only 83 yards and 1 TD.  He was very consistent throughout a tough SEC schedule against Auburn, Ole Miss and Texas A+M.

Collins may not play off coverage as well as he does in press coverage but he does run well enough to develop.  He would be very good in the red zone by playing physical at the line of scrimmage.  Collins, although only a Junior, comes from a DB factory in LSU.

Third Round: Carl Davis DT from Iowa (projected 3-4 Round)
If you want a run stuffer, here's your guy.  At 6-5, 315 lbs,  Davis is strong and tough to move off the line of scrimmage. He is reliable to hold his gap and hopefully free up our linebackers.  In 2014, Davis posted 34 tackles with 9 for a loss and 2 sacks.  He is not a great pass rusher right now but could push the pocket and be a NT if we go to a 3-4 at any point.

Fourth Round: Cedric Ogbuehi OT from Texas A+M (projected 2-3 Round)
Ogbuehi tore his ACL in a bowl game vs. West Virginia so his stock has fallen from a mid to late 1st Round Pick.  At 6-5, 305 lbs, he has excellent athleticism as he is very fast and agile.  Ogbuehi can be a 10 year starter at LT but he will need some rehab early in 2015.  He can take advantage of this down time to work on his upper body strength.  With Brandon Albert coming back but also injury prone, Ogbuehi could be excellent insurance and keep James at RT, were James plays best.

Fifth Round: Mike Hull ILB from Penn State (projected 3-5 Round)
At 6-0, 232 lbs, Hull is a quality run defender, which we could use inside. In 2014, he posted 101 tackles with 10.5 for a loss.  He broke up 3 passes, had 1 INT and a forced fumble as well.  Hull has some pedigree to him as his father, Tom, played for the 49ers and Packers.

Sixth Round: Jake Ryan OLB/ILB from Michigan (projected 3-4 Round)
At 6-3, 236 lbs, Ryan is a run stuffing machine and can play both outside and inside if needed.  In 2014, he posted 112 tackles with 14 for a loss, 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 1 INT and 3 passes broken up.  Ryan needs to improve his pass coverage skills. 

Seventh Round: Josh Robinson RB from Mississippi State (projected 4-6 Round)
At 5-9, 215 lbs, Robinson ran for 1,203 yards and 11 TDs with 6.3 yards per carry.  He is quick and runs tough inside posting huge games against LSU with 197 yards on 16 carries and Kentucky with 198 yards on 23 carries.  Robinson also caught 28 passes for 370 yards.  Only a Junior, he is similar in size to Lamar Miller and was too productive to pass up in the 7th round. 

Seventh Round (from 49ers): Jarvis Harrison G from Texas A+M (projected 3-5 Round)
If we need to improve our short yardage game then meet this bull dozer.  At 6-4, 330 lbs, Harrison excelled in the run game and was solid in pass protection.  He did have some problems against Alabama and Mississippi State, so he will need to work more on his technique and could develop into a starter after serving time on the practice squad.

There's my 3rd Edition of our 2015 Draft. What do you think and who would you like to see us pick?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

Friday, January 23, 2015

Best Bye Week Ever

Our equipment guys do a great job of breaking the balls. To me they're perfect. I don't want anyone rubbing 'em. I wouldn't want anyone touching those. Whatever feels good that day... I'm not squeezing the balls. It's not part of my process. Breaking the balls. Some guys like old balls. I tell them how great they are. - Tom Brady Quarterback, New England Patriots.

It's better than nothing. For a Dolphins fan in Boston it's been fun walking around the office.
"It didn't make any difference!"... "I know. They cheated for no reason. Pretty smart."
"He was better when the balls were right." (To my delight this was actually said to me)... "I know. That's why cheating was so stupid."

As Tom Brady and his Pats take the stage to make their, "greatest ever" arguments they do so with toilet paper stuck to their shoe. What should be a great week for the organization and its fans, has devolved into lengthy, rambling, explanations and justifications peppered with the word balls. Is it immature for me to be enjoying this so thoroughly?

 "Some guys like them round, some guys like them thin, some guys like them tacky, some guys like them brand new, some guys like old balls. They're all different. ... It's a very individual thing." Tom Brady, Quarterback

Yes. Yes it is immature. Ah the majesty that is the Patriots 2014 Super Bowl season.

"They all do it!"........ "That's probably why nobody believes Brady when he says he didn't notice."  I concede all points. Now explain to me what happened. Ask a Pats fan this question and the answer will not be short, and probably not very coherent either. Then I get to say what I think happened. "I think they cheated. Then lied about it."

"But it didn't even matter!"
"I know! That's why it's so funny!"

"When I felt them, they were perfect. I wouldn't want anyone touching those. I would zip those things up and lock them away until I got on the field and had the opportunity to play with them." Tom Brady - Mr. Patriot

I would have to be made of stone not to be enjoying this. In recent years even I have had to admit Brady belongs firmly in the argument for the best ever. He has been great. Plain and simple, for a long time now, and often times without top flight talent around him. Though in the only context I know him, as a football player, I don't think I like him. He annoys me. And sure a big part of that is a result of him slapping my team around for nearly 15 years, but it's more than that. I think his particular brand of super intense pop off grates on a wider audience than just people like myself. A year or two ago I was watching a game where Brady converted a third and short, sometime early in the second half of a mid season game and it was all fist pumps and "yes!!!!!".  Dude haven't you won three Super Bowls? "That's what makes him great!" Maybe, but from where I'm sitting that's what makes him annoying.

So yes, I'm enjoying the mindless, overblown, hysterical press swarm du jour presently swarming in golden boy's face. The usually calm and charming Tom Brady who is used to a fawning media looked uncomfortable and defensive when taking questions at his afternoon press conference.  "This isn't ISIS, ha ha, no one is dying." More nervous laughter. You could almost see him thinking "why are you all being so mean to me?!"  Made all the funnier by the likelihood  that not many people really believe Brady when he says he doesn't know anything about what happened. 

So with that delightful press conference in the books the fact remains, we still really don't know what happened. Which is great because it keeps the object shiny for the press. With any luck Tom Brady can become the Anthony Wiener of Super Bowl bye week coverage.  It certainly helps that the league is moving slowly on this as well. Has the league even spoken with Brady yet? I would guess that unless something was caught on camera, so long as everyone sticks to their stories the league will never really get to the bottom of Deflategate. Therefore you would think the league would want to weigh in on this sooner rather than later so everyone can move on. Because at the end of the day this is probably a big nothing, at least by way of penalties (though I hold out hope for a league overreaction in this current environment). And that is what makes this so enjoyable. This small, petty, insignificant nonsense, and the Patriots seemingly rolled around in it like a dog does a dead skunk. 

Yes maybe I'm hating, but haven't I earned that right after the last 15 years?

"I'm not squeezing the balls. That's not part of my process." Tom Brady - He who walks on water.

I'm not made of stone.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hey Goodell...Send The Colts Instead

The line drawn in the sand decades ago has been moved inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard.

The line between success with honor and success at any cost may not even exist anymore in Foxboro.

It has been made into a faded glory. 

Lifting a Lombardi Trophy is much more important than lifting one's head with honor.

Getting your playoff bonus is much more important than paying that $25,000 fine for deflating your game balls.

That's chump change, tip money, a mere bag of shells.

When will it end in Foxboro?

When will honor mean something more than honor among thieves?

When will doing it the right way mean more than just do it and see what happens?

The code of ethics doesn't exist in Foxboro.

And why?

Because the league doesn't have the deflated balls to actually do something about it.

The truth, the sad truth, is that the Patriots don't care and Roger Goodell let them get that way.

He is the bad parent who slaps his son's wrist time after time and wonders why the kid is always in trouble.  Why the phone is constantly ringing with the neighborhood's parents on the other side of the line complaining about his bratty kid again.

Well Roger, its time to give the Patriots a time out.

Its time to put them in the proverbial corner.

Its time to send them to bed with no dinner.

Yes, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and team, you are grounded!

Go to your room, no TV, no cell phone, no computer!

That is, unfortunately, what is needed here.

Goodell...Call Kraft and say "Sorry but you ain't going to the Super Bowl."

Goodell...Call the Colts and say "Hi. Did you put EVERYTHING away yet?  I hope not because guess what....YOU'RE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL!"

Make Kraft pay all the Pats fans back for their lost expenses in booking flights and hotels and buying tickets to this so called Championship.

Let the pissed off masses in New England let their so called heroes know "You idiots cost me over $5,000. I want it back."

That will be a punishment with a bite.

Show us your nerve Goodell.  Show us you truly care about the "Shield" and what it stands for.

Because right stands for shit on anyone at any costs and at any time.

And that's a shame.

An absolute shame!

Phins Up!!

Carl Leone
Dolfan since 12/25/1971

"Hey Brady! Study The Rulebook" and A Spelling Bee

Let’s all have a spelling bee shall we!?

@ Carl Leone: Your word is “Disgrace”

Carl: B-E-L-I-C-H-I-C-K

DING! DING! DING!! That is correct!!!

@ JeremyandJessicaBranham: Your word is “Cheaters”

JeremyandJessicaBranham: P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S


@ Canamdolphin: Your word is “Undeserving”

Canamdolphin: T-O-M-B-R-A-D-Y

Unbelievable!!!!!! Three in a row!!

Last one guys…

@ David Kennedy: Your word is “Ashamed”

David Kennedy: R-O-B-E-R-T-K-R-A-F-T

Good job Dave!!!

It has been reported that 11 out of 12 Patriot footballs were “significantly” under inflated in the AFC Championship game when The Patriots “defeated” the Colts.

This is significant for many reasons. It is league rules that the balls be inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch and weigh between 14 and 15 ounces. All the balls on both teams were inspected and approved before the game.

Then it started raining in Foxborough, hard.

D’Qwell Jackson of the Colts intercepted a pass from Brady and noticed that the ball didn’t feel right so he reported it to his coach. After investigation the NFL found that 11 of 12 Patriot footballs were severely under inflated due to league standards. The interesting part about all this is that the balls passed pre game inspection so it is obvious that they were deflated afterwards.

Now, I know what some Pats fans will say, “the weather effects the balls”, which is 100% true. But Answer me this, why didn’t it effect the Colts balls that drastically?

If any of you have ever played football or even threw passes in the rain then you know that a deflated ball offers more grip for the QB and it is also easier to catch for the receivers.

My questions are, if a LB can notice that a football is under inflated after touching it once, then why didn’t Brady notice it? He handles footballs every day of his life. He does not have to practice tackling, running, catching, kicking, or blocking. I thinks it is fair to say that he knows what a properly inflated ball feels like, so why didn’t he notice it? My opinion is that he knew the balls were deflated and simply didn’t care because he knew it was giving him and the Patriots an advantage. After the whole substitution scandal where Baltimore was stating the Patriots were being “deceitful” with their subbing patterns, Brady was on record saying “Hey Ravens, why don’t you study the rule book?”

Well Tommy Boy, looks like you need to brush up on it as well because you had absolutely no clue the balls were altered right??!

11 out of 12 balls people!!! OBVIOUS CHEATING!!

I am going to assume that Mr. Kraft had no prior knowledge of this. So if I were him I would feel ashamed, appalled, shocked, mad and down right embarrassed.

You couple this with “spy gate” and it brings a whole new light on the New England Patriots. What else have they been doing that they just haven’t been caught for?

If I were the NFL commissioner, I would make a huge example out of Belichick and ban him from coaching much like he did Ray Rice until he won a grievance, I would disqualify them from the SB and let the Colts play in it, strip them of their 1st, 2nd, & 3rd round draft picks for the next 2 years, I would fine Robert Kraft, not like that would hurt because the man is loaded but I would still do it. I would also do another investigation into who had knowledge of the deflated balls because I guarantee you that at least Brady, Belichick, & Edelman knew about it.

At the very least I hope all these shenanigans keep Brady and Belichick out of the Hall Of Fame. There is no room for that on the football field or in Canton, Ohio.

Way to keep it classy New England, Way to keep it classy once again…

So I guess Don Shula was right?

The patriots are cheaters.

The report came out that 11 of 12 balls were "under inflated" which is against the rules, and everyone knows that. So doing it intentionally is, in fact, cheating. #shrinkage

But there's more. I've been thinking about what I saw over the last few games where the patriots were subbing players, and making players eligible or not.

Certainly on the surface, they used the rules to their advantage. And that's fine.

The issue was/is that they were doing it continually, confusing the officials on who was eligible, and probably running some illegal formations along the way. It would be difficult for *them* to always know who was eligible.

Add to that another rule that the defense must have "last substitution" before the snap, in order to adjust to the formation. The patriots were waiting until the play clock had run far down before telling the ref they were eligible. Then they would snap the ball as quickly as they could. So the defense was not given the chance to adjust.

For both, there's an interesting side note here: the officiating crews are all star teams. Their communications aren't quite as good as a regular crew. And BelliCHEAT took advantage of that, in how he managed the game. And game balls.