Saturday, January 17, 2015

Wallace Vs Queasy.

What is all this debate about Ross and Queasy not knowing what to do with Wallace ? What is Joe Q trying to build here a team of scraps and replacements ? You CAN'T throw one of the most dangerous players away because you can't or don't want to deal with him.  In Wallace's defense he's shut his mouth the last two years and hasn't complained as much as other NFL diva wide receivers.  He adapted and changed his game.  Forgive him for wanting to show off his talents wanting to do what he knows he can do and what made him an elite receiver and a top free agent.  I just don't understand why this team no matter what regime it is keeps unloading good talent, Bush, Davis, Smith, Marshall and now Wallace is up in the air.  It's dysfunction at it's best and it doesn't seem to get any better no matter what coach or what system comes in it's just dysfunction from the top! You want Tannehill to get better but your going to drop a dynamic player who can make him better if used correctly.  I just don't get it, does parting ways with Wallace really make this team better ? Here is a solution, why doesn't Queasy suck up his ego, and learn to coach talent ! instead of doing what he does best chicken out and when it gets tough and attitudes rise, he shrivels up and throws them overboard.  Wallace will leave and go to another team and be dominant.  Then we will sit here and wonder why we can't get top talent to our team.  The answer is we have had top talent, this organization just doesn't know how to handle them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Todd Bowles

In response to:

Okay now where's the blog post this morning whining and crying about Todd Bowles going to the Jets and how we now have the "worst HC in the East" even though Bowles is completely unproven as a HC. I know it's coming. 10 negative blog posts for every positive/neutral one.

Hey!  That's a great idea. Let's rank the best coaches in the east:
#1 Philbin
#2 Bowles
#3 ryan
And #4 that new guy in New England. 

Of course, miami has experience with Bowles. He went 2-1 here, and that means his winning percentage is higher than Philbin or ryan!  :)

Super Bowl extra point

The Dolphins, as expected, will be making a pitch for the 2019 or 2020 Super Bowl.

The host committee concedes it will need help from all of the south Florida counties, local communities, and others.

The reason? The 150+ pages of "demands" from the NFL. San Francisco estimates that meeting all of these for superbowl 50 will cost the community $70 million in real money (unlike the "potential benefit" of hosting the game, which is soft money), so there has to be a commitment and an appetite to pay for it somehow.

So it will cost a lot to local taxpayers, they want complete control over some locations and venues, and we also get an opportunity to volunteer so they can make a larger profit.

To which I say: no thanks. Play it somewhere else.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wait. What?

John Fox was in the Super Bowl last year. He succeeded with Tim Tebow before that.

He coached the Broncos to a great record, and then they lost in the divisional playoffs.

And he gets fired.

Meanwhile in Miami...Philbin has a losing record, can't seem to motivate his team, and hasn't even sniffed the playoffs.

And he gets a contract extension.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

7 Round Mock Draft For Dolphins 2015 Picks (2nd Edition)

The Miami Dolphins wound up tied with the 49ers at 8-8. Since the 49ers opponents' winning percentage was higher than the winning percentage of our opponents, we will pick 14th in the odd rounds and 15th in the even rounds.

The purpose of this mock draft is for fans to get an idea of who may be available in different rounds of the draft.  I am utilizing a Computer Draft App to make the selections for the 31 other teams. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to list all the picks throughout the draft or who else may have been available when I picked.  I am not taking into consideration Free Agent signings or losing some of our Free Agents at this time.

Last week's draft was posted on 1-4-15 and this weeks draft is entirely different as some different players fell in each of the rounds:

First Round: Danny Shelton DT from Washington (Projected in 1-2)
This 6'2", 339 lbs beast may be just what the doctor ordered to shore up our run defense. At Washington, he had 88 tackles with 16.5 for a loss. Shelton also was one of the leaders for DTs with 9 sacks in 2014.  This kid can be productive as a DT in a 4-3 and as a NT in a 3-4.  He should immediately impact our defense and bring back some fond memories of Tim Bowens.

Second Round: Jaelen Strong WR from Arizona State (Projected in 1-2)
At 6'3", 212 lbs, Strong is a big physical receiver who is excellent in the Red Zone.  He is quick but not fast with a 40 time of 4.52. Even though he doesn't possess elite speed, this Junior does get separation. In 2014, Strong caught 82 passes for 1,165 yards and 10 TDs. He had big games against UCLA (12-146) and USC (10-202) with 3 TDs including a game winning 46 yard Hail Mary with no time left.

Third Round: Josue Matias OG from Florida State (Projected in 2-3)
At 6'6", 325 lbs, this massive specimen will open up holes for Miller and Co. and he also has some athleticism to keep Tannehill on his feet.  Will Matias beat out Colledge to play left guard? That is left to be seen but he can certainly add depth while he hones his skills.

Fourth Round: Doran Grant CB from Ohio State (Projected in 2-4)
At 5'11", 193 lbs, Grant had a good season for the Buckeyes with 51 tackles and 5 INTs. He does not possess exceptional speed with a 4.64 40 but plays tough nosed football and will contribute on special teams. You can get a good look at him tomorrow night playing against Oregon for the National Championship. 

Fifth Round: Mike Hull ILB from Penn State (Projected in 3-5)
At 6', 232 lbs, Hull put up solid numbers in 2014 with 101 tackles, 10.5 for a loss, 1 INT and one forced fumble.  He is strong against the run which we could use. Hull held his own in pass coverage but with a 4.69 time in the 40, he may not be an every down ILB and will come off the field in definite passing downs. Hull has some pedigree though as his father Tom, played for both the 49ers and Packers in 74-75.

Sixth Round: Lyndal Trail OLB from Norfolk State (Projected in 4-6)
At 6'6", 260 lbs, Trail started out his college career at Florida but transferred to Norfolk State in 2012. He has had his run ins with the law, including being arrested for assault. However, he is a two time FCS Outstanding Defensive Player of the Year by winning the Buck Buchanon Award.  In 2014, Trail posted 91 tackles with 11.5 for a loss and 5 sacks. He is a nasty dude with the size to beef up to DE.  At the very least he would be a good practice squad project.

Seventh Round: Josh Robinson RB from Mississippi State (Projected in 3-4)
Hard to pass up on Robinson in the 7th Round. At 5'9", 215 lbs, he is similar to Lamar Miller in size and he plays with quickness and toughness.  In 2014, Robinson averaged 6.3 yards per carry for 1,203 yards in the SEC.  He punched it in 11 times as well and added 28 catches for 370 yards.  Despite a bad game against Alabama, in which he took an unnecessary safety, Robinson did put up good numbers against LSU (16-197) and Kentucky (23-198). Keep in mind, he is only a Junior with fresh legs.

There's my second edition of our 2015 Mock Draft.  What do you think and who would you like to see us pick?

Phins Up!!!

Carl Leone
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