Monday, December 28, 2015

Yesterday's game (and Tannehill)

Yesterday, I posted about how I was a hater and pinned the loss on Tannehill.

I said I didn't watch the game. But I did see the hilights(lowlights?) and did listen to part of the post game interviews.

My big point was that the outcome was not at all unexpected. And in watching the critical plays and hearing him talk about some of them it's clear he bumbled his way through another game.

Yeah maybe there are other problems. But it all begins with the QB position. And this bum needs to go.

I also saw something about him having blood in his urine during the week. Some said he's a tough guy, but I disagree. I have no wish for bad things to happen to him. I don't know what's wrong, but it sure sounds like that's probably dangerous. Him playing in a meaningless game - and not being listed on the injury report - seems more like a guy who's trying to prove something.
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i agree totally, but for some reason, everyone finds excuses for this guy! can someone PLEASE tell me why ? while i hate miko and her dumb ass comments she would be more respected if she voiced her opinions in a professional manner. She is right about Tannehill, he is garbage.


I am surprised that after 4 years, he or any 4 year starter wouldn't have at least one 4th quarter signature win. I thought he was finally going to get one but to no avail as the snap came premature.

He is very intriguing. He has all the physical tools and the toughness needed but if after 4 years he still hasn't had one late comeback win, he may just be a tease.

What a shame.


I agree that they should probably sit him this week. He has taken an inexcusable number of hits since he came into the NFL. I also agree with you that he should have a signature win by now.

Part of the reason I support him is because I so desperately WANT him to be the answer and he is the best we've had since Marino. So far, though, he has not shown an ability to put the offense on his shoulders and win. Even Ryan Fitzpatrick has been able to do that at least a few times and he is awful.

I would like to see Tannehill get a chance to have a good game plan, some consistency on the coaching staff, and an offensive line that's more competent than a bunch of toddlers, but, if they can find a QB that can actually out-perform him, I'd be fine with that too.

I disagree with your statement that it all starts with the QB though.

It all starts with the COACHING and the GAMEPLAN. And having an offensive line that actually knows the damn cadence would also be nice.

I just want the Dolphins to win again. I don't care who has to get cut/traded/fired at this point.