Saturday, December 19, 2015

The salary cap problem

This terrible Dolphins team heads into this offseason about $2 milion OVER the projected salary cap. 

Given how the team has (under)performed, that goes to show you just how badly managed the team really is. Bad enough that there's a lack of talent.  Worse that they overpaid for it.

And with so many holes to fill, how will they dig themselves out? They'll cut a bunch of players.  That much we know. And that's fine, but then the dreaded word REBUILDING happens, because you have a very small  core of productive players to work with.

They'll restructure some other guys, like Suh.  As I understand the salary cap (and who does understand the confounded thing?), they can convert some of his salary to guaranteed money. There's some kind of formula for how it still counts against the cap, but over multiple years. So if they gave him $10 mil guaranteed, they could pay that over 5 years, and only have it count like $2 mil per year.

And then you need to sign players to fill out the roster, and work out contracts for them.  The danger is that you create another cap mess down the road, so they need to tread carefully.

And we're right back to: next year is going to be another waste simply because you'll have all new players, and very few high-priced ones.  There will still be holes on the roster (because there is no way they can churn the roster that much in one offseason), and a new coach.

That kind of change does not equate to winning in the short-term. Perhaps in 2-3 years, this team can be relevant again. But only if they handle this coach hire and the cap right.  Mess up either one, and you're 5 years away - yet again.

And I'll end with this, because its my favorite theme: given that the team is a couple of years away, why not go ahead and replace Tannehill now?  Get value for him, draft a new guy, and let him grow with the team.
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i agree with draft a new quaterback but dont trade tannehill let the new guy sit for a year or two to learn best way to handle a new quaterback


The beautiful thing about FA and the Draft is a team is always only a year away from being relevant. You see it every season, where a bottom dweller rises to the top or at least makes the playoffs. Also some teams get struck with horrible luck like the Ravens. So we are literally just one year away from potentially being relevant, the question is do we have the right people making decisions? After 15 years of garbage, it's understandable most Dolphind fans say no.

I think every coach and GM should be on a 3 year plan. Year 1 find the coach and get players in the system while severing old overpaid contracts (set backs are necessary). Yr 2, continue gathering system fit players and growing towards success. Yr 3, no excuses, time to win. Ross put Philbin on the 4 year plan which made no sense and he figured that out way after I did. But in reality, if we land a Zimmer or Arians, it could turn into just a 1 year process.


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