Sunday, December 13, 2015

The quarterback list

I know I bash Tannehill a lot. I'm also smart enough to realize he's not the biggest problem on this team.

Arguably (with the exception of d-line and maybe receiver) there are holes to fill in every single unit. And changing QBs doesn't solve that.

But can you imagine if there was a QB who could take advantage of the reviving corps? That would be something.

And having a top tier QB does invariably help a team to suddenly get better.

So that's why I'm always on him. He should be the face of the franchise. Rather than a guy who fills a uniform.

I thought I'd have a little fun this off Sunday and consider the starting QBs since Marino and rank them from best/most contribution to the team's limited success, to worst.

And would you look at that? Tannehill is in the upper portion. No wonder are standards are set so low. We haven't seen a good QB down here in a decade...

Chad Pennington
Jay Fiedler
AJ Feeley
Trent Green
Ryan Tannehill
Sage Rosenfels
Gus Frerotte
Damon Huard
Ray Lucas
Brian Griese
Matt Moore
Joey Harrington
Daunte Culpepper
Cleo Lemon
John Beck
Chad Henne
Tyler Thigpen
Pat White (who didn't actually start a game but did play often enough to warrant a mention)
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So don't think Chad Pennington was a good QB either? He had a 97 passer rating! And all this time I thought you had something personal against Tannehill. Turns out you don't know much about QBs.


That was my bad. I did say "a decade ago" thinking (because it feels like forever!) that Pennington played here in 2005. It was 2008. My problem with him is he only lasted about 1 season. He woulda/shoulda/coulda been great

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Uh... Jay Fiedler, Ray Lucas, and Brian Griese all were prior to 2005.

Assuming your penchant for bashing Tannehill, what it looks like you really wanted to do was associate Tannehill with all bad QBs since Marino. Yet you did so without actually looking up the numbers to see that one was very good.

And the fact is, Tannehill has better numbers by a wide margin than all the QBs on your list, except Pennington. In fact, Tannehill's numbers are closer to Pennington's than any other player on your list.

This is remarkable considering Pennington's experience and the solid O-Line he had in front of him. It was clear that Penninton had only one trip to IR left in him when he signed, while Tannehill is a young player and still far cheaper than Pennington. I'm happy for now if the team sticks with Tannehill through 2016 and works on solving its other issues.


The only player on this list I would prefer over Tannehill is Pennington. Interesting enough, Tannehill has proven to take hits Pennington couldn't, and BOTH of their weaknesses are the deep ball. Pennington was light years ahead of Tannehill mentally though.


We Phinfans have no idea what we have.Has Tannehill been all star ?
Hellsno...but what other options are out there right now ?
The kid may finish up with close to 30TD's and 4,000 yards and yet we gripe. Maybe we want Feely back, or Cleo Lemon ? Is it all RT to win ? No. Only a few of those type QBs are out there that can do that, same familiar suspects, we all know the names. A better OLINE, a defense that does not constantly let the other team jump ahead and some better coaching of plays (hello run game ?) and Phins could be 7-5 and still challenging with 4 games to go. But, what the heck, the easiest thing to do is blame it all on the QB, easy target. Where was the front office all offseason when it was clear that this OLINE was pathetic ?? What did they do to improve it ? NADA.
Mathis and Incognito are pro bowlers this year, just watch.
D.Parker as the first pick was too much of a luxury pick for a mediocre team. While the OL continues to stink, the better pick was for a Guard, but it would not be popular choice. So, team takes D.Parker, already loaded at WR. Smart. Philbin was bad last year,
so what does Ross do ? Sign him to an extension due to the euphoria of an unimportant last minute win vs a bad Vikes team at the end of last year. This move basically killed start of 2015 with Philbin and Company.... Sure, everything is Tannehill's fault. Everything including O.Vernon's bonehead penalty vs Jacksonville causing that game. Team would be 6-6, not great, but fighting still for a spot. Everyone should get off Tannehill's back and support the guy. The scary part is that the Phins cannot get a win in the division.
That is coaching. The other coaches in this division have figured the Phins all out. Rex, Bowles, not to mention Genious in NE. Vanilla Phins. What is the option at QB anyway ? Draft another rookie and wait 3 years or so to see if he is any good ?
Another ride on the mediocre merry go round, another regime, blown high draft picks, etc, etc.
Enjoy the Phins history Monday night and back Tannehill.
At least he improved his deep ball this year. Get him an OLINE a real TE and a defense that gets off the field, real coaches, then judge. Like him or not, RT is Phins best bet to return to prominance


The only reason you think d-line and receiver is good is because you are a dolphins fan.. Our D line isn't scaring anyone. Our receivers are middle of the pack. There's no Aj green or Dez Bryant.. Sorry Bitchin Dave but our team sucks. We've got about 10 quality starters.. One is Tannehill

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@Phinsfan54zt -

Pennington was as tough as they come mentally. But Pennington was starting QB throughout his college career (save for his redshirt sophomore year), and was an 8 year pro by the time he came to Miami. Your talking about 13 years as the starting QB vs. 4. That explains the gap mentally.

Tannehill is still seasoning, but we already know he is much better than Henne (or Fiedler, Lucas, would ever be, and I'm not sure we've seen the ceiling yet. As for comparison with Pennington, mentally he's not comparable to the 8 year vet, but Tannehill's passes do look a lot nicer than Pennington's ever did. I would watch Pennington throw these ducks and be amazed what he got away with; the lack of deep pass had more to do with lack of arm strength and funky mechanics. As far as Tannehill goes, I think the lack of deep pass is about recognition and confidence - both of which he has improved upon.

I'm not saying Tannehill is the long term answer. But right now, he is still improving his game. I think the "regression" last week may have has as much to do with the change in emphasis to run which trickles down to the day to day practice regimen. Essentially, most of his NFL career - which has been most of his QB career - has been a pass first gimmick offense. I would expect an adjustment as the offense transitions to a more pro oriented run-pass mix. If Tannehill can come out of this adjustment hitting 60% of his passes, while continuing his improvement in the long ball and red-zone, then the team may have something. Otherwise, they can cut him at the end of 2016 with relatively little cap hit moving forward.



Good points on the differences. All I was saying is that Pennington at the end was better than current T Hill without going into detail. I do believe in T Hill though but if I had one game to win, I'm rolling with old Pennington. He hasn't reached the level yet mentally and hopefully he eventually will.