Friday, December 04, 2015

That's odd - ticket edition

A buddy of mine had an interest in going to the Dolphins-Ravens game on Sunday. He asked where to get tickets, and I pointed him to stubhub.

Now remember that traditionally this matchup isn't a big draw. In fact, the last two times the fins made the playoffs, they met the Ravens - and neither game sold out.

Couple that with the fact that both teams are bad, and sit at 4-7, you might expect a plethora of cheap tickets.

But as my friend pointed out, that's not the case. A few days ago there were just short of 8,000 tickets available with a starting price of $41. Today it's just under 4,000 with a starting price of $31.

I think there's a little "market manipulation" going on here. As I've said before I suspect the Dolphins are buying any low priced tickets and then selling them again through whatever channels. Thus keeping the market price high - and available quantities low.

Clever of them.

As for my friend, he decided his best bet was to go to the game and find a scalper and go that route.
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