Sunday, December 27, 2015

Predictable, laughable

Like many of you, I didn't watch today's game. But that at wont stop me from giving my two cents. File this under haters gonna hate.

Ryan Tannehill wound up with flashy stats, but they were meaningless. He gave up a safety (again). He got sacked a bunch of times, including on the last play of the game. And generally was his typical useless self.

Sure, maybe you thought the last drive would finally be a defining moment, but you would be wrong. He still can't win a game. Can't lead the team.

In short: he sucks.

Blame the line if you want. But IMHO, It's all on him.
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Doesn't even watch the game.

Still blames it 100% on the QB.

PERFECTLY sound logic....



Yeah Tannebust overthrow Cameron there's no way this team can be competitive when he only connects on 1 out of 5 passes he throws this fucking loser needs to go this team won't be shit till that bitch is gone. Talks like he's got fucking "nuts in his mouth!!!


Very impressed with that play if Lippet had come down with that it would have been amazing it would be great if he could come in next year and be a starter in that secondary!!! But got a feeling this team is gonna be blown up after this game depending on who new coach is but I can't see anyone of with any knowledge of coaching wanting anything to do with this circus of a franchise I've got fingers crossed but I know there is no hope. And if fox is still with this team next year it will show that nobody knows what the hell is going on. Complete shambles!!!