Sunday, December 27, 2015

On Script

The Dolphins have not disappointed those of us who are looking forward to the 2016 NFL Draft.

They played their parts handsomely today. In a supporting role, the Jets foiled the Pats attempt to lock up a playoffs home field advantage.

What that means for the Dolphins is the Pats need the win.

A beneficial scenario is emerging where a Dolphins loss to the Pats could vault the Dolphins into the top five picks. They currently sit at sixth.

The anticipation and energy of a winning season has evaporated. What's left is the future of the Dolphins. A top five pick would bait the hook in landing the Dolphins next coach.
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If the Bengals beat the Broncos tonight, they can still win home field advantage provided they win again next week and the Dolphins beat the Pats. In that scenario, I think I have to say I'll still hope for a Dolphins win.

I won't be able to stomach seeing the Patriots win another SB, so any losses and disadvantages they can have are good in my book. Losing 2 straight, one of which to the dumpster fire that is the Dolphins, will not give them the kind of momentum you want to take into the playoffs.


J&JB, I hate the Pats as much as any Dolphins fan. Pats injuries will derail them, AND, every team that plays the Dolphins have to worry about getting their qb killed!

Still, the best scenario for the Dolphins is a top five pick!