Saturday, December 19, 2015

Movin' On Up

The Chargers are in the running for the top overall 2016 draft pick, along with the Browns and Titans. All three teams are 3-10.

What does this mean for the 5-8 Dolphins, who currently hold the eighth pick?

A win for the Dolphins probably drops them out of the top ten picks. A win for the Chargers helps the Dolphins move up from eight, while not greatly affecting the Chargers bid for the top pick.

The Dolphins have a chance to get into the top five with a loss and a Ravens win vs. KC, a Cowboys win at home against the Jets, a Bengals loss at the 49ers and a Lions loss at the Saints.

Granted, some of these are a reach, and much is still to be decided in the last three games of the season. 

Yes, I'm a long-time Dolphins fan, but this season is over. It's time to start thinking about re-tooling a team with more holes to fill than available draft picks. A top five pick ensures the Dolphins have bargaining leverage to turn one pick into more down the board.

That's the best scenario. Less desirable is filling holes through free agency, a sore spot in the discussion about the Dolphins!
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Fully agree. I only hope they lose because I love them.


Look at these fucking clowns looks like a three ring circus what a fucking joke thIs team is chargers are gonna shut them out LMFAO!!!!! I'LL never spend another dime on this team the secondary has not a clue as to what their assignments are a circus is what Steve Ross has put on the field I betcha all the money in world can't keep him from feeling the shame this team puts on the field every week what we are in week 15 and still nothing has changed pitiful ass bunch of men it would be just a shame if the plane went down on the way back to miami god damn every year the same bullshit I can't stand these motherfuckers!!!! Jumping on another bandwagon FUCK THE DOLPHINS!!!!