Sunday, December 27, 2015

In Case You Didn't Know...

In case you didn't know the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets! Have accomplished a 10 win season with a first year head coach who was on the Dolphins staff and happened to interview for the Dolphins job when it was given to Philbin. Oh yeah, and their D-Coordinator was on Miami's staff as well as their STAR WIDE RECEIVER who ALSO used to be a Dolphin! Oh yeah, and they very likely will earn a playoff berth AND they beat the Patriots for that 10th win!

Way to run a team Ross! Keep up the great work!

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I did not see this coming. Did not think that the Jets would turn it around this much. But I did know that Todd Bowles was a great coaching hire.

This does give me SOME hope for Miami. It goes to show what you can do when you fire Tannenbaum and hire a competent GM who then hires a competent HC and makes good roster decisions.

So, next year it will be the Jets, not the Dolphins, pushing the Pats for the AFC East crown and the Dolphins will be rebuilding....again.

It's ALL Tannehill's fault. If only we had started Matt Moore or Seth Labato or that homeless guy that hangs out on the corner at the stadium each week....we'd be undefeated (sarcasm).

Thanks Tannehill