Monday, December 28, 2015

Dolphins Brass needs to SHAPE UP!

If you read the article above, it's clear one decision Miami needs to make.  Cut Brent Grimes.  The man can't even control his wife let alone his play on the field.  How can someone who's husband is in the position he is in act like this ? she's ridiculous and unprofessional and the fact that the Dolphins organization has had to talk to Brent Grimes about her numerous times is disgusting, let alone talking to him and this kind of behavior continues.  Miami seriously has to cut all this BS out of their organization.  I feel like this team is so wishy washy with no direction, no stern leadership and as a long time fan it is very disturbing and gears me further and further away from the team.  Please Miami, grow up and take charge and bring back the greatness to this franchise we once had.  You are losing fans little by little.  Though I will never truly leave, my attention span for the team has dwindled.
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Let me say that this was the most disappointing year in my my long tenured association as a dolphins fan. The investment was made hopes were high and what is there left to say. If the organization can't control a single variable as in Miko Grimes behaviors ( when they control the families wallet ) then their is little hope going forward. The fins should have seen the warning signs when the Falcons cut ties
with Grimes family after tagging him. She ( Miko) had the same issues in Atlanta and despite Grime huge talent - the falloff will cost him his roster spot next year. Time to make so long term solid decisions if greatness is ever going to be found.


I love Brent Grimes but he wasn't a lock down corner this year, he will be expenses, one year older, and if I were making the decisions, his wife's antics would be the straw that broke the camels back and I would let him go. I feel bad for him that no other team will probably sign him due to his stupid ass wife.


Dear Brent,

You can have an NFL paycheck or you can have your wife but you can't have both... pick one!


It's sad that she can't shut her mouth. She is a know it all like her BFF Omar Kelly! Lol. It is truly sad that the next team that shows interest in Brent, has to have a serious conversation about his dumb ass wife. It's quite pathetic. Maybe the Dolphins or whomever signs him next, (if that even happens), should work into the contract that for every dumb ass tweet or comment by his wife that brings negativity to the team, he will forfeit a game check! That would be great. If he don't like it then maybe Miko's budding radio and journalism career will support all of them! Oh wait, she got fired from both of those after her big mouth got her arrested...LMAO....

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Miko Grimes is just another joke on this team of jokes.

Question: What is the worst season in the history of the Miami Dolphins:

Wanny's Last Season
Cam Cameron
This year

Perhaps its recency bias, but I pick this year. It is bad because it is a fully underachieving year. We knew "fall forward fast" with the "Ginn Family" wasn't going to be good. We knew that Wanny wasn't going to be able to cut it with the aging defense. But this year.... just a bunch of heartless, gutless under achievers reeling in paychecks signed by a clueless owner.


I come on these blogs and read about people slandering Tannehill all the time and I am constantly defending him. Yet when Miko says the same thing everyone else is saying, people start telling her she should shut up. What gives?