Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Coach search

Earlier today I was telling a friend that there was no hope of a front office change. Mike Tannenbaum would be doing most of the legwork for Ross. And he would probably pick whoever he likes, gets along with, and who he could blame if anything went wrong - thus assuring his job security.

And then we started talking about the phantom committee that was investigating the bullying incident (you know, the one that never actually met)

And this evening I was greeted by the report by salguero that Ross formed another committee, this time for a coach search! It includes a few folks like Aponte and Tannenbaum.

Which means there is no change at the top. Which means we get the same "culture" and more mediocrity! Yay team!

Word has it there are 7 names on their list. And none of them are the names we fans have talked about.

Can't wait to hear they hire the assistant to the traveling secretary for the New York Yankees - George Costanza!

He has no football experience. And he's never been a coach. But that shouldn't be a problem!! He's from New York and he's been in a winning organization.

Oh. And. Chip Kelly got fired so there's one more team the fins are competing with. Or not, if they're focused on some assistant like a philbin.
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How much do you wanna bet those morons hire Chip Kelly?


Oh yeah, the Bullying Incident... the scapegoat is playing at a Pro Bowl level in Buffalo! One of many sad tales of Dolphins rejects finding success elsewhere.