Thursday, December 17, 2015

About those season ticket renewals

The story came out yesterday that the fins are telling some people that they can't renew because they sold too many of their tickets.

It turns out that the fins weren't just using the NFL ticket exchange as a source of checking resales. Apparently they were monitoring other sites and may have been actually visually inspecting some seats at games to see who was in them.

In at least one case, they reportedly told the fan that them reselling their tickets hurt the Dolphins because it took away the home field advantage (hey! Its the fans fault the team is bad!)

It may seem like an odd practice. Maybe even stupid. But after thinking about it, I realized it has a deeper purpose: money

Last year, when they reconfigured the seats, many season ticket holders were displaced so that big money could buy them. The better seats went to corporations or others that agreed to buy them. As I hear it, it wasn't just about selling them the seats as it was about becoming invested in the team in some way.

Then the corporations can use the tickets how they want, including giving them to fans of the opposing team.

And the story is that - as they continue the evolution of the stadium, they have more sections and seats targeted for a similar program.

So this isn't about reselling tickets as much as it is a convenient excuse to get some individual owners out, and getting some more corporations in.

It does serve to tick off some, but the Dolphins know that the fans that want to come will come anyway, perhaps sitting in other seats.

And As for those seats: the Dolphins know they're sold and increase the ticket sales as a result. And in some cases, I have no doubt that the seats are premium, meaning they don't have to revenue share them.

How's that for an owner who really only cares about the bottom line.
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