Wednesday, December 16, 2015

About that mindset

I saw a couple of quotes from Dolphins players and coaches about the team. There seems to be a recurring theme that there's a losers mindset and that they keep seeing the same results.

And as I've said before this comes from the top. A few weeks ago, in the midst of losing, they asked people to renew their season tickets.

Then we hear today that they're telling some people that they can't renew. Hunh?

Your team is bad. You're begging for fans to come to games. You "prefer" them to be fans of your team, but don't complain when the stadium is more full than usual on Monday night - even though it seemed to be predominantly Giants fans.

In the days of yore, fans would buy a season ticket and sell any they couldn't use to a scalper, or a ticket reseller, or perhaps give them to a friend.

Then the NFL introduced the "ticket exchange" which is a means for them to control their tickets. They set the price. They make money on the transaction. And as fans "we" are assured we're getting legitimate tickets.

Then the Dolphins say that some fans have sold too many of the tickets through the program and won't be able to renew.

Isn't that going to have the effect of turning off some fans? It's not like these are the packers and people are willed tickets.

There are invariably some available. And if someone wants to buy your product - even if they intend to sell it to someone else - isn't it better to create a relationship and encourage a fan base than to just turn them away?

As I said, the team sets the price, so it's not like the ticket holders are making tons of money on reselling premium games.

And what of those people who do the same thing, but through a 3rd party like Stubhub?

It goes along with a mindset that would seem to be along the lines of lame.
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Incredible. Now they are being idiots.