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A Snowball's Chance In Hell...

Let's all face it. 

Dan Campbell, as awesome as a person as he is, was not ready to lead an NFL football team. I really hope whom ever the next coach is, retains him on the staff I'm some way but he is not the guy to lead the Dolphins. The evidence is apparent with the way they use Lamar Miller. Miami is undefeated I believe when Miller gets at least 13 carries, opposed to only one win when he gets fewer. So what's the problem here guys? Help us all understand. The man nearly rushed for 2000 yards the last 2 seasons with LIMITED opportunities, imagine what he could do in the hands of a good offensive coordinator? I truly feel bad for Lamar, this was a contract year for him and with every game it's like the Dolphins are taking money out of his pocket by not letting him show case his skill set. It's quite sad. All I can hope for is that Miami re-signs him because I believe he is a complete, all around back. Which is hard to find these days in the NFL.

With that being said, as of this writing, the Dolphins currently sit at 7th in the upcoming draft. It is possible we can get the number one overall pick, although that is unlikely. The realistic possibilities are picking as high as 3rd or as low as 12th. I bet you all wish that missed FG Baltimore kicked a few weeks ago to give Miami the win would have went in don't you?! That kick turned out to have HUGE draft ramifications. 

I say Miami tank the last 2 games just to get a higher draft pick. 

No really, I'm serious. Let me explain my thinking...

The season is already a pathetic loss. As I said at the beginning of the season as well as most of you AS WELL AS STEPHEN ROSS, the playoffs are the expectation, nothing less. Well that was a pipe dream after well 14. If the Dolphins win out, their record will be 7-9 with no playoffs and a mid round pick in the draft. Doesn't this sound better, 5-11, no playoffs and a top 5 pick in the draft. I'll take the 2nd option, here is another reason to tank the last 2 games of the season...

A top 5 pick in the draft gives Miami a snowball's chance in hell of luring in a good coach. Think about it, nobody cares if Miami wins the last 2 games of the season, so why not set yourself up for the future? Miami has a good nucleus on the team already, I'll explain and leave Ryan Tannehill out of it as to avoid a debate but here is my reasoning:

Ndamokung Suh. One of the top D-Tackles in the game. Before your veins start popping out of your forehead, let us examine him. Remember how the D-Line was supposed to be the strength of our team? Remember how Suh was supposed to make the rest of the line better? I do. Suh gets double teamed nearly every play, so where is everyone else? Why does Suh get the blame for not making plays when in reality, his line mates should be the ones to benefit from his presence? If Other D-lineman were feasting, like they should, everyone would be giving all the credit in the world to Suh. Not to mention, anyone who knows anything about football knows that LBers make the D-Line better and in case you didn't know it by now, Miami's linebackers suck. Suh had DeAndre Levy at linebacker in Detroit, he is one of the top LBers in The league in my opinion. Who does he have in Miami? Misi, who is always hurt. Shepperd, who can't cover a TE. Jenkins, who has also been hurt most of the season. Get Suh some help. He is not the problem.

Devante Parker, Rishard Matthews. Kenny Stills. Jarvis Landry. Dion Sims. Jordan Cameron. What the hell is going on with this offense? Do you know how many teams would give their left arm for this many weapons? Look at Seattle, who do they have to throw the ball to? New England. Carolina, they were written off when Kelvin Benjamin got hurt, look at them now. Houston. I can go on and on and on and on. I get it, Miami's offensive line is probably the worst in the league but that's why you scheme to try and mask that, something Miami don't understand. Certainly, they could have made a better effort in that regard.

Lamar Miller. It is unknown if he will be back next year, but if he is, see my rant about him above for reference to how I feel about him.

Miami's offensive line and cornerback spots are in the need of the most help in my opinion. Cornerback being the bigger need considering Brent Grimes' decline this season. Miami's line problems started at guard and are now centered around health. We still need a guard but now worry about Pouncey, Albert, and James' long term health going forward. 

Now doesn't this all sound better with a top 5 draft pick rather then having one outside the top 10? 

The snowball has been heaved toward the fiery depths of hell and is heading straight for the Devil's lair. How long it survives is dependent on if these pathetic 'Phins win or lose the final two games. If I am a potential head coach candidate, the team's draft position is a huge factor in my decision. Let's face it, Miami has no leverage in getting a QUALITY coach, in fact, it's the complete opposite, the candidate has the ball in his court. Unless of course, you wanna roll the dice on yet another unproven, rookie, "up and coming" assistant. Haven't you seen enough of that?

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Up and coming coach FROM A PLAYOFF TEAM, yes!

Crappy thing about Miller, hope he gets to a good team in free agency. He must realize by now that someone in the Dolphins organization is putting the fux to him.

The Dolphins are in a three-act play. Nailed the first act, losing to the Chargers! The second act is the Luck-less Colts. The Dolphins may be injured enough to nail this act. The third act will be against a Patriot's team that will protect it's starters like it was a preseason game.

The Dolphins will find a way to slide out of the top ten draft picks.


@ canamdolphin:

Philbin was an up and coming assistant from a playoff team with the Packers. No thank you!! I still want Hue Jackson if Sean Payton cannot be stolen from New Orleans


And yes. I agree. The phins will screw up a top 5 pick


Philbin?! Ouch!


I was high on Campbell, but he turned out to be a little too green, no coordinator on his resume. It will be interesting who gets the job, you know, with Ross involved... uh-oh!


This offensive line and offensive line coach have got to go!!! Linebacker and corner have got to go! Different coach for sure with a much better scheme!! This year coaches have borrowed New England's get rid of the ball quickly with dink and dunk passes. That's why it didn't matter who Miami had rushing the passer. You can't get to the passer when the guy gets rid of the pass in one second!!


We did try to mask the o line with multiple wr screens and quick slants, we need a lot of help!!!! Def a safety, corner, linebacker, guard and a backup tackle and I'm on the fence about a qb, Moore will be gone and tannehill only has 1 more year to prove something. That said I'm def on board for tanking tho we probably don't need to try


Fuck the Dolphins!!!! I'm sooooooooooo over this team until Ross sells I'll never give them another dime of my money. I took my son to opening day this year to see them play Washington and if it wasn't for Jarvis Landry that would of been a huge waste of money as I said in the beginning FUCK THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!


Fuck the Dolphins!!!! I'm sooooooooooo over this team until Ross sells I'll never give them another dime of my money. I took my son to opening day this year to see them play Washington and if it wasn't for Jarvis Landry that would of been a huge waste of money as I said in the beginning FUCK THE DOLPHINS!!!!!!


I like Jackson he had a Raiders team playing 500 till the got hit with injuries. Payton u don't know the Brees away how good is he.


Lawrence I agree mostly.

I will say that I don't want Sean Payton as it will take too much to get him and he is useless without a top-notch DC. I totally agree with you on Hue Jackson. He is honestly the only candidate I am currently high on.

A lot of people say they'd like Miami to hire Josh McDaniels. McDaniels is the worst candidate available. Here's why: He's Philbin 2.0. The only reason he is getting consideration is for the same reason Philbin did: he looks good because his QB MAKES him look good.

We do not need a coach whose players made him look good elsewhere. We need a coach who can take underperforming players and make them reach their true potential.

The Bengals had a very similar situation to what the Dolphins have: a starting QB that they saw potential in, but who was, despite his attractive stats, making a lot of mistakes at crucial times and not progressing the way he should. Make no mistakes, the Bengals' consistent playoff appearances over the last few years had nothing to do with Dalton. They are just a very complete team. The fact that they haven't won in those playoff games, however, has a lot to do with Dalton. Hue Jackson has taken this underachieving QB and helped him finally reach his potential. IF Dalton plays well in the playoffs and finally wins a playoff game this season, I will be sold on Hue Jackson.

We are stuck with Tannehill for at least one more year. That's just a fact. Remember, up until now Dalton has been the epitome of average. That's why the terms "Dalton Scale" and "Dalton Line" exist. As it stands right now, the term should probably be changed to the "Tannehill Scale."

How awesome would it be if Jackson could do the same thing with Tannehill that he did with Dalton? If we are stuck with Tannehill anyway, why not give him the best coaching possible?

I'm no expert. I'll be the first to admit it. But here is what I would do if I were Ross:


1. Fire the front office. This "Jets Rejects" plan will never work. I was worried the second I read about Tannenbaum being hired. I do like Hickey, but he came in as an unproven GM with some learning and growing to do and now that learning and growing has come under the guidance of that former Jets failure. I worry that his mind has now been polluted with the Tannenbaum way of thinking. We need a GM with a proven track record and we need to give him full control of the team. No more of this GM/President/Vice President of operations having shared control bullshit. If you have a strong GM, he won't need the input of 4-5 other people.

2.Fire the whole coaching staff. Don't get me wrong. I like Campbell, but he is too green and he is still showing too much of that Philbin/Laser offensive mentality. We have to completely purge that mindset as if it were the creature from John Carpenters "The Thing." Kill absolutely anything that might still be retaining even one cell of it.

3. Trade the following players for draft picks:

Cam Wake - Don't wish death upon my family just yet. Hear me out. I LOVE Wake. He is my favorite Dolphin since Marino, but he is 33 years old. However, he still plays at a high level and could be traded for a great draft pick. On top of that, Cam Wake DESERVES a ring, and he's not going to get one in Miami. Send him to a team like the Packers, who are just a few defensive players away from being the top NFC team. I'm sure they'd love to have him and he'd love to play for them. Cam does not deserve to be the next Jason Taylor.

Brent Grimes: He's declining and getting older, but there are still teams that would love to have him. I think he is worth more to us as trade bait at this point.

Branden Albert - I know we are thin at the OL, but what good is a Pro Bowl LT who is ALWAYS....ALWAYS....injured. He is over 30 now and is taking up way too much cap space for a guy who can't stay healthy. But he is another guy who could still be traded for a decent draft pick.

Earl Mitchell - He's just taking up too much cap space right now. He's only 28, he's tough, and he could bring some decent trade value.

In order for this team to finally be good again, we need to develop a young, tough, talented team of homegrown players. Seattle and New England have been very successful with that strategy. Trading the players mentioned above would get us at least 4 extra draft picks. Having over 10 picks to rebuild a team is going to be appealing to ANY GM/HC.

4. Build this defense around Suh. Resign Vernon and Shelby on team-friendly contracts. Put Phillips in the other starting DT spot. With the right DC and defensive scheme, that will be a very rough D-line and Vernon/Shelby/Phillips' contracts will help offset Suh's a little. Also, try to restructure Suh's contract a little if possible.


5. Resign Lamar Miller and build this offense around him. I don't care what it takes. Create an offensive scheme that revolves around a traditional "ground and pound" strategy and give him 20+ touches a game.

6. Resign the following FAs:

As I already mentioned, Shelby and Vernon.

Michael Thomas- Tons of heart, good potential, and he can be signed for cheap. Even if he's not a starter, we still need depth. No-brainer here.

Jake Stoneburner - for the exact same reasons as Thomas.

Kelvin Sheppard - Because he can be signed for cheap. However, he is definitely a backup. Only resign him to maintain depth. Pay him less than he makes now. If he won't accept that, he can walk.

Let every other FA go. They are all either too old, too expensive, or not talented enough to keep.

7. Let the GM find the best team of scouts money can buy. Spare no expense. I don't care if we have the highest paid group of scouts in league history. This draft is CRUCIAL. With the above plans, we will have over 10 draft picks. We need to make AT LEAST half of them count. No more of the 2 decent rookies out of 7 garbage. We need scouts who can find good mid-late round talent. Anyone can pick a good player in the first round. We need to find the next "Tom Brady" in round 5-6.

8. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE A SPLASH IN THE FA. We don't need the top FA for the fourth straight year. It doesn't work. It may still work for Suh because we got him while he's still young. If we are going to be active in the FA period, look for bargains on young talent and be thinking more about depth than break-out starting talent. Get guys that COULD start if needed, but really be thinking more about signing good backups here who bring value and depth to the team and can teach things to the breakout starters we are going to get through the DRAFT. Sign people like CB Justin Bethel, who is about to be a UFA in Arizona.

9. Bolster the shit out of the O-line through the draft. FINALLY GET IT FIXED! Draft one guard, one tackle, and one guy who can play all the OL positions. Sign one QB in round 4-5 to push Tannehill. Don't draft any other offensive players. We'd have plenty of WRs and a good RB. We'd have a QB being coached by the guy who saved Dalton's career and a rookie to give him competition or take his place if he turns out to be a diamond in the rough. Use the rest of the draft picks on LBs and DBs.

All this will give us a young, up and coming team that can emulate what teams like the Seahawks have done, even if we don't have an elite QB.


I'll also add....

Brock Osweiler will be a FA in 2016. He will be worth a look for sure.